Just a fun thing~ (oneshot thing)

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Fun little thing~

        “Hello…?” Alex called, walking around Hell blindly. She was trying to find her father, Crowley, but he was nowhere to be seen. Leo was with her, trailing behind her silently.

         “Who are you? New demon?” A woman in a long black dress with long red hair asked in a scottish accent.

         “Uhm...No.” Alex looked her over. “I’m looking for Crowley.”

        “I’m afraid he’s not here right now, but if you have anything to report you can tell me.” The woman smiled.

         “Why should I tell you? What are you even doing here? You’re not a demon.” Alex crossed her arms. Leo growled softly.

         “Well, I’m the King’s mother of course. Haven’t you heard from the other demons?”

         “Mother?” Alex echoed, raising her eyebrows in surprise. “No you’re not. I’d know.”

         “How would you know? You’re just a demon.” The woman seemed to be annoyed with wasting her time on a ‘demon’.

         “I’m not a demon, I’m Crowley’s daughter.” Alex glared at the woman.

         “Fergus has a child?” The woman’s eyes widened in surprise.

         “How do you know his real name?”

         “Because I’m his mother!”

         “How? Where the hell have you been this whole time?!” Alex still couldn’t believe it.

         “Nevermind that. Fergus never told me about you! What’s your name?”


        “Wait, you’re Alex?!” The woman looked her over a few times. “I remember your name now. Fergus has told me about you! He said you...ran off with an angel?”

         “I didn’t run off!” Alex defended herself. Leo growled at the woman more. “Leo, be quiet.” She looked down at the hellhound and scolded him.

         “Oh? What this? A hellhound? Then you must be the real deal.” The woman circled her, looking at the space where Leo stood. “Why would you leave your place to be with an angel? You could be the next Queen of Hell!”

         “I don’t care. I’m half human too.” Alex followed her with her eyes.

         “Half human?!” The woman sighed and shook her head.

         “Don’t act like I’m some weakling. I’m much stronger than some demon.” Alex threatened.

         “Alex, calm down.” Both females were interrupted as Crowley entered the throne room.

         “Dad, what the hell?” Alex turned her glare on him.

         Crowley sighed, “I was hoping you wouldn’t meet. Mother, this is Alex, my daughter. Alex this is Rowena, my mother.”

         “Seriously?! She wasn’t lying?!”

         “Yeah! You had a child with a human?!” Rowena began scolding, “And then let her run off with some angel!”

         “Hey, don’t act like you’re the perfect one! You were a shit mother!” Alex snapped at her.

         “I did what I had to do!” Rowena protested.

         “Don’t start with the sob story.” Alex rolled her eyes. “How long were you gone? Like 600 years or something?”

         “At least I didn’t leave for a filthy archangel!”

         “Ladies, please.” Crowley tried.

         “Fergus! You can’t just let her do whatever she wants!” Rowena directed her attention to Crowley. “Didn’t you say she was a hunter as well? And a friend of the Winchesters?”

         “I haven’t even talked to Sam and Dean in at least three years!” Alex argued. “Crowley’s the one who’s butt buddies with them!”

         “Shut up the both of you!” Crowley snapped, finally losing his temper. “Alex, what do you want? You haven’t been to Hell in while and I never got notice you were coming.”

         “Nothing really. I just wanted to see how everything was going.” Alex spoke, ignoring Rowena’s complaints in the background.

         “Don’t just ignore me Fergus!”

         “Well I suggest you leave for now, until things calm down again.” Crowley suggested.

         “Whatever. I guess you don’t wanna hear about what happened with Dantalion, then?”

         “Oh, right, him.” Crowley shook his head. “You killed him, didn’t you?”

         “Yeah. I was even human for a bit.” She chuckled as she added, “I hear you can relate recently, huh?” Alex hadn’t checked in with Crowley in a while. After everything that happened she and Gabriel stayed hidden for a few years without contact with anyone, including the Winchesters.

         “He’s gotten soft!” Rowena spoke, finally able to get a word in.

         Alex chuckled again, before realizing something, “Wait, how are you even alive?” She turned to Rowena.

         “I’m a witch, darling. It’s not that hard.” Rowena smiled evilly.

         “Hmm. A witch had the King of Hell who had the Antichrist. Interesting family tree.” Alex thought out loud.

         “It is actually.” Rowena agreed. “Maybe I could get used to having you around.”

         “Mmm, right. But I’m not staying. I just wanted to let you know I’m still alive.” Alex turned to Crowley again.

         “Alright. Don’t get yourself killed anytime soon.” Crowley warned. “And stop messing around with demons!”

         “I know, I know.” Alex waved him off as she turned to leave.

         “You’d prefer her to be with an angel rather than a demon?!” Rowena exclaimed, scolding Crowley again, who sighed deeply and ignored her.


Author's Note-

This was just a thing I thought of while watching the new episode of Supernatural c: 

Don't know how good it is, I really didn't try hard, I just started writing and this happened xD 

How is everyone? I miss Crowley's Daughter xD But all good things come to an end~ 

Thank you for all the reads/votes/comments by the way, I still read them and they always make me smile c:

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