Chapter eighteen

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Chapter eighteen

         Leo’s ears perked at his master’s sudden call. He was confused, she hadn't been around in a while, and the last time he had seen her, she was very different. Leo stood up from the hotel bed- Gabriel had left him there for a reason he didn’t know. He padded over to the door and pawed it, not sure how to open it. He heard Alex call for him again, and he whimpered loudly.

         “Room service!” An older woman knocked on the hotel door.

         Leo barked, hoping to get her attention.

         The woman pulled out her set of keys and unlocked the door, expecting to see a dog inside. “What the? Oh dear!” Leo ran past the maid- nearly knocking her over- and ran down the hall. He was going to get Gabriel for help, but it was hard to track the archangel, his scent was almost stale.


         Gabriel walked around a large brick science lab, trying to find a weak spot in the warding. He could break the warding somewhat easily, but he wanted to find an even quicker way in. He had been unable to track Alex due to her powers, but he was still able to track Dan, which lead him to this location.

         Gabriel turned towards the parking lot for a moment, and noticed a floating collar sprinting towards him. “Leo…?”

         Leo barked and didn’t stop running, smashing through one of the buildings windows, then continuing down the hall to where Alex was.

         “Hey! Wait up!” Gabriel called after the hound, climbing through the window and running after Leo. He didn’t know how the hellhound had managed to erase the warding, but he didn’t question it too much.


         Alex could feel her cautiousness slowly fading, her vision blurring. She groaned, Dan was still reciting the spell. It felt like hours she had been laying here, bleeding out and unable to stop it.

       “About time they showed up.” Lucifer chuckled. Alex lifted her head, watching as Leo interrupted Dan’s ritual, and Dan easily cast the hellhound aside with a flick of his wrist.

         “L-Leo??” Alex looked at her hellhound who was still attempting to stop Dan, but couldn’t get close enough.

         “Hey!” Alex couldn’t gather enough energy to turn her head to the doorway, but she recognized Gabriel’s voice.

         “How did you find me?!” Dan’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect Gabriel to find them so quickly.

         “Wasn’t too hard. Simple tracking spell.” Gabriel pulled out his angel blade and entered the room.

         “You’re too late. I’m nearly finished.” Dan smirked, turning back to the book he was holding and continuing the spell. Gabriel easily flung the book from his hands, sending it flying against the room.

         Dan began to get angry again, “I won’t let you fuck this up! This is the only way I can redeem myself!”

         “From what?” Gabriel chuckled darkly.

         “I’m not explaining myself to you.” Dan growled.

       Gabriel raised an eyebrow at Dan, then noticed Alex, and took a few steps closer to her, realizing she needed help fast.

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