Chapter three

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Chapter three

         “No, I insist. I’ve been wanting to talk to you, Alex.”  The man’s tone got serious.

         “What?” Alex narrowed her eyes at the man. “How do you know my name?”

         “I know a lot about you. But why don’t we go somewhere a little more….private, yes?” He suggested. “Lunch maybe?”

         “Uhm. Sure…” Alex felt the back of her shirt, making sure her pistol was still there, just in case.

        “So...What’s your name?” She asked as they walked to a nearby restaurant that served lunch.

         “Dantalion.” He said simply.

         “D- what?” Alex chuckled. “How about I just call you Dan.”

         “Oh? We’re giving each other nicknames already?” Dan smirked, glancing over to her.

         “What?! No! I uh…” Alex looked away. “I have a boyfriend.”

         “Yes, I know.” Dan held open the restaurant door for her.

         “How do you know so much about me anyway?” Alex questioned as they took a seat away from everyone else.

         “Well…” Dan sat across from her. He closed his eyes for a moment, then reopened them and they were pure white.

         Alex frowned in confusion and tensed. “Lilith?!”

         “No,” Dan laughed, and changed his eyes back. “But close. I guess you could say she’s my sister.”

         “Sister?” Alex was still confused.

         “Well, she was the first demon created, and I am the second.” Dan explained. He had a cool tone to his voice, making him easy to talk to.

         “Then why have I never heard of you?” Alex knew not to trust him now.

         “Lilith was the special one, everyone after that was just another demon. I guess people forgot.” He sighed.

         “Okay….” Alex narrowed her eyes again, “So what do you want with me?”

         “I figured you’d want to thank the man who dragged you out of hell.” Dan smirked again.

         “W-Wait...You?!” Alex’s eyes widened in surprise.

         “Yep. Wasn’t easy either. You know how hard it was to get all the way down to Lucifer’s cage? And avoid all the other demons?”

         “Why’d you get me out?” Alex regained her composure, “Can’t be out of the goodness in your heart.”  

         “Why not? I’ve always liked you. Standing up to Lucifer. Helping the Winchesters.” Dan marveled.

         “Liked me? Are you saying you’re not on Lucifer’s side?” Alex was still confused.

         “Nope. Honestly, I want that dickhead dead as much as you do.” Dan chuckled.

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