Chapter twenty one

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Chapter twenty one

         “Alex was admitted with liver failure and...uh….massive internal burns.” The psychiatrist, Dr.Kadinsky, looked through Alex’s medical file. “I’ve never seen something like this. Every organ in her body has second and third degree burns. And the amount of alcohol she’d have to drink at once for her liver to fail….” He shook his head.

         “Was she drunk when she got here?” Gabriel asked, sitting across the doctor in the doctor’s office.

         “Very.” Kadinsky nodded. “But we’re not sure of her real name. She claims her father is a man named Fergus MacLeod, but the only man by that name died in the 17th century. In Scotland.”

         “Oh?” Gabriel was surprised Alex would use her father’s human name.

         “Do you happen to know her real name….Sir?”

         “Gabriel. And yeah, her real name is Alex White.” Gabriel decided to go with her most common FBI name.

        “Alright.” The doctor wrote Alex’s ‘real’ name onto her file. “What’s your relation to her, Gabriel?”


       Kadinsky nodded, “Does she have any family, friends that we can contact? She’s in pretty critical condition.”

         “No, not really.” Gabriel shook his head. He didn’t really care about all this paperwork, he just wanted to make sure Alex was alright.

         “Ok. Well, I’d like to keep Alex here, if you don’t mind. I want to find the cause of the internal burns, and treat her for her possible schizophrenia.”

         “Schizophrenia? You never mentioned that…?” Gabriel frowned. She must still be seeing Lucifer…

         “One of the nurses has learned that there’s a voice in her head trying to convince her to commit suicide.” Dr.Kadinsky informed. “Did you not know about this?”

         “Well..I- uh…” Gabriel didn’t really know what to say. ‘Oh yeah, she’s seeing my angel brother who’s tormenting her with her memories from hell. And my brother just so happens to be satan!’ Yeah...that won’t work… “I guess I noticed a few things here and there…”

         “How long were you two together?”

         Another question Gabriel didn’t know how to answer. Between me being dead and her going to hell, technically not that long. “About a year...ish.”

         The psychiatrist nodded, “Alright, I believe I have all the information I need. You can go see her if you’d like.”

         “Thanks.” Gabriel instantly jumped up, glad he could finally go see her, even though he had no clue what to say.


         When Alex got back to her room, followed by a slightly annoyed nurse, she noticed a certain archangel sitting in one of the chairs. And it wasn’t Lucifer this time. “Gabriel?!” She froze, not knowing what to do.

         “Hey.” Gabriel smiled a little, standing up from the chair.

         “Excuse me. Visiting hours are over. And I need to continue Alex’s treatment.” The nurse interrupted.

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