Chapter twenty

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Chapter twenty

         Alex waved her hand to the bartender, silently asking for another shot. The bartender frowned at her, “I think you’ve had enough.”

         “N-No...I’m fine.” Alex slurred. Her head was racing and her body was still in pain. Lucifer was also still there, continuing to taunt her. She had been at the bar for a while now, but no amount of alcohol was able to stop her hallucinations, they were actually getting worse. And to make matters worse, she had never drank alcohol before, this was her first time getting drunk.

         “You drink anymore and you’re going to kill yourself.” The bartender warned.

         “That’s the point, idiot.” Alex muttered, staring down at an empty shot glass. She coughed violently into her hand and blood came out, dripping down her palm and onto the bar.

         “Uh…Maybe you should see a doctor…” The bartender got worried, reaching for the phone to call her an ambulance.

         “I’m fine…” Alex shook her head, shakily standing up and heading towards the door.

         “Hey! Where are you going?!” The bartender called after her.

         Alex ignored him and stumbled out of the bar, Lucifer following closely.

         “That was a lot of blood, maybe you should go to a doctor.” Lucifer commented.

         “Why can’t you just stop already.” Alex stopped walking and turned to the archangel. “Please. Just stop…”

         “Now why would I do that?”

         “Aren't you bored yet?! Haven’t I been tortured enough?!” Alex began screaming. Everyone walking by cautiously avoided the drunken girl who was screaming at nothing.

         “You know there’s only one way to end this.” Lucifer subtlety suggested.

         “That’s what you want, isn’t it? For me to kill myself?” She wanted to say that wasn’t going to happen, but she wasn’t sure. Her head throbbed and she yelped in pain, falling to her knees. Alex then threw up, pure blood, onto the sidewalk. Oh fuck me….

         “Ma’am? Are you alright?” A man stopped nearby. He noticed the large amount of blood and panicked, “Hey! She needs a doctor! Somebody call an ambulance!”

         More people had gathered around now, but Alex wasn’t able to hear them as she slowly fell unconscious, falling onto the cold cement.


         “Miss, wake up miss.”

         Alex felt someone shake her. She slowly opened her eyes and  looked at the person, a woman, wearing light blue scrubs. “W-Where am I?” She didn’t feel drunk anymore, but she could tell she was on a lot of drugs.

         “Northern Indiana State Hospital.” The woman smiled, but looked very worried.

         “A hospital…?” Alex tried to sit up.

         “Please, stay lying down Miss,” The nurse lightly pushed her shoulder down. Alex looked around the room and noticed Lucifer in the corner. “Now, do you know your name? You didn’t have any identification on you.”

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