Chapter thirteen

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Chapter thirteen

         Gabriel flipped through a phone book, searching for a number. “C’mon...Where is it?!” He skimmed through a few more pages before he found who he needed, “Finally.” He sighed and picked up his phone, dialing the number.

         “Hello?” A female’s voice asked on the other line.

         “Hey, uh, I have a question…” Gabriel started. How the hell am I supposed to explain why I’m calling?

         “You need help, right? A friend of yours?” The woman assumed.

         “Uh, yeah…”

         “Well, I don’t know how much I can help, I’m only a psychic…”

       “I think you can. I can’t. I can explain later, will you help me?” Gabriel didn’t want to ask a human for help, but he couldn’t do the spell he found alone. It required some human blood, and a human had to perform the spell. Besides human blood, it used a few other ingredients that Gabriel could easily get. He had also found another one to remove Dantalion’s seal.

         “I-I guess…I’ll see you soon then.” The psychic sounded concerned, “Are you sure you’re willing to do this? It could kill her, you know?”

         Gabriel sighed, “I know. But I don’t have any other options.”


         Alex paced the small hotel room, “What’s taking Dan so long anyway?!” She grumbled. “Yanno what? Screw it. I’m going out.” Alex decided, grabbing her angel blade and hiding it away in one of her boots.

         Hey, where are you going?

         Alex stopped dead in her tracks at the sound of Dan’s voice. Dan? Why are you in my head….?

         Comes with the seal, sorry kiddo. Don’t go out though, I need you to stay inside. I have the hotel room warded off so no one will find you.

         No. I’ll be fine. I have built-in protection from angels and demons anyway. I won’t be long. Alex left the hotel room, and entered the parking lot. She groaned, remembering her car was probably back at the apartment. Oh whatever. Might as well go…


         Alex walked down the hall to her apartment, keys in hand. She reached the door, but before she could unlock it, it opened.

         “We’ve been waiting for you.” A man stood in the doorway smirking, his eyes pitch black. He grabbed Alex by her arm and pulled her into the apartment, knocking the keys and her purse from her hands.

         “Hey, douchebag, let go!” Alex struggled to break free from his grip.

         “Sorry sweetie, that’s not gonna happen.” Another demon said, standing up from the couch.

         “Hey, why don’t we have a little fun with her?” The demon holding Alex suggested.

         A small smile formed on the other demon’s lips for a moment, then faded. “What if the boss finds out? He’d kill us!”

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