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Daddy's Little Hunter {UNDER MAJOR EDITING} by ProofTSHasAHeart
Daddy's Little Hunter {UNDER Scarlett
Alex Talbot is a homeless fifteen year old hunter. She's been living on the streets since she killed what she thought was her whole family nine years ago while she was p...
  • hunting
  • destiel
  • charliebradbury
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Reckless (A Supernatural Fan Fiction) [Dean Winchester] by arrow_to_the_heart
Reckless (A Supernatural Fan prim/sammy/miss barnes
**Set in Season 8** "You a cop?" "You probably wish I was." ________________________ He knew it was a bad idea to let her in, but he did it a...
  • sam
  • supernatural
  • supernaturalfanfiction
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Crowley's Daughter (Supernatural Fanfiction~) by alexinwhite
Crowley's Daughter (Supernatural Alex Hyde
~I do not own Supernatural or any of the characters~ *Cover by @alecvert* Alex is well, Crowley's daughter! She's half human, half demon, making her more powerful th...
  • deanwinchester
  • spnfandom
  • sam
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Supernatural Imagines {ON HIATUS} by heirtowinterfell
Supernatural Imagines {ON HIATUS}by e m i l y
A colorful array of imagines just for you from the CW show Supernatural, I will include most characters ( Balthazar, Gabriel, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Lucifer, and so on) I h...
  • balthazar
  • dean
  • castiel
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Supernatural Little Sister by cranbrook
Supernatural Little Sisterby cranbrook
Short stories of the youngest Winchester, Allison, and her brothers (plus dad, Bobby and some angels). Some are short, some are long. The timeline of the show and the ag...
  • imagines
  • abuse
  • winchestersister
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Supernatural in Real Life by KittyHazelnut
Supernatural in Real Lifeby KittyHazelnut
Bailey is just a normal 18 year old girl. Sure, she knows how to trap a demon and how to kill a wendigo, and yes Satan is her idol, but that doesn't make her weird. It j...
  • carryonmywaywardson
  • jensen
  • supernaturalfanfic
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Supernatural Series Rewrite- Season 2 by queenofdeansbooty
Supernatural Series Rewrite- qυeenoғdeanѕвooтy
You're still on the hunt for the yellow-eyed demon even though John is now gone from your lives. While on the hunt, you meet interesting people and creatures, learning a...
  • ellenharvelle
  • seriesrewrite
  • supernaturalangst
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Monster (A Supernatural Fanfiction) [1] by musicdreams31
Monster (A Supernatural Ashley
"Maybe you are a monster, but so am I and so is Dean. Maybe every human or every living being is a monster. But who ever said that monsters can't save the world fro...
  • nephilim
  • supernaturalfanfiction
  • armageddon
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Oblivion  ~|Supernatural|~ by Areonniell
Oblivion ~|Supernatural|~by Moo
" Like a spoilt children we grew angry when we didn't have the full attention of our father, so we chose to smash and destroy things to gain his focus, yet in reply...
  • romance
  • death
  • ghost
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      lie to me ; sam winchester (2) by -starlightcal
lie to me ; sam winchester ( ˗ˏˋ breanna ˎˊ˗
𝙡𝙞𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙢𝙚 | ❝ now i wish we never met, 'cause you're too hard to forget. ❞ - [ book 2 of 2...
  • demons
  • samwinchesterfanfic
  • deanwinchester
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Lucifer's Bride by KittyHazelnut
Lucifer's Brideby KittyHazelnut
When Lucifer first heard of his father's newest creations, he was outraged. As if these little apes weren't bad enough, God wants him to worship them? Lucifer's always b...
  • winchester
  • family
  • spn
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Secrets Will Kill You: The Sequel by LetYourLanternsFly
Secrets Will Kill You: The Sequelby Nicole
My name's Melissa Stern...I'm really screwed up, dark and's hard for me to understand love him...well it's hard NOT to love him...and that...
  • witches
  • supernatural
  • hunting
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Jared's Sister, Jensen's Lover by This-Is-Supernatural
Jared's Sister, Jensen's Loverby This Is Supernatural
Dreaming to be an actor takes a lot of work. And when your older brother Jared landed you a spot on the show Supernatural, your dream got a step closer to becoming a rea...
  • spnfandom
  • supernaturalfanfic
  • jensenackles
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Supernatural Series Rewrite- Season 4 by queenofdeansbooty
Supernatural Series Rewrite- qυeenoғdeanѕвooтy
Now that Dean is back from Hell, you and the brothers have to deal with the consequences. It doesn't help that Sam has taken advice from Ruby. All you can focus on is st...
  • spnfanfiction
  • ruby2
  • deanwinchesterfluff
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Rogue (Supernatural) [Rogue Trilogy] {1} by arrow_to_the_heart
Rogue (Supernatural) [Rogue prim/sammy/miss barnes
**Set in Season 9** She never looked back. Once she left, that was it. She wanted to start over and have the life that she really wanted, not the life that her famil...
  • angels
  • winchester
  • season9
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Just Keep Swimming by Sincerelysaraahh
Just Keep Swimmingby Sarah
Pair : Single!Jensen x Reader 
Request : hi I love the way you write. Can you possibly make a OS of jensen x reader. The reader is Tom and shepherds personal swim instru...
  • jensenxreader
  • jensen
  • jensenimagine
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Dean's Flower by Tori_S394
Dean's Flowerby Tori
Sam and Dean are on a hunt when they stumble across a girl who looks a lot like Dean.
  • samwinchester
  • castiel
  • deansdaughter
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Supernatural Series Rewrite- Season 3 by queenofdeansbooty
Supernatural Series Rewrite- qυeenoғdeanѕвooтy
Dean's clock is ticking and with each passing moment, he is closer and closer to death. You, Sam and Dean try and find a way to save him from going to Hell but that prov...
  • angst
  • fluff
  • deanwinchesterxreader
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The Hunter's Daughter (A Supernatural Fanfiction) by MirandaLimbDoran
The Hunter's Daughter (A Miranda Limb
Emma thought she was just some normal girl with a mother who didn't care about her feelings. She was used to moving around not staying in one place for more than a year...
  • hunters
  • deanwinchestersdaughter
  • savingpeople
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All I Wanted Was You by justalittlelonely9
All I Wanted Was Youby RLB
When Sam and Dean run into a hunter they have never heard of before they quickly realize she is someone to have as a close ally and friend, but will the three become clo...
  • deanwinchester
  • winchesterbrothers
  • love
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