Chapter eleven

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Chapter eleven

         Alex reluctantly entered her and Gabriel’s apartment, Leo by her side. She knew there was going to be arguing, and she was surprisingly prepared for it. “We’re home~!” Alex sang, closing the front door behind her. Leo instantly ran off, going to sleep off his wounds.

         “Hey,” Gabriel breathed, coming into the room. “Uh, so what happened?” He hid his anger, he couldn’t be sure until he talked to Alex.

         “Nothing much really.” She could tell he was angry, but she didn’t care. Not a single bit of her cared if he knew, and no part of her questioned why she didn’t. Had he learned a week or so ago, she would have been in tears on her knees begging him to stay. But now, she didn’t care. Alex didn’t know what changed, weather it be the seal, or something else. She actually liked her new personality, she could do anything, say anything, and feel nothing. She actually got a thrill from it.

         Gabriel sighed, “Ok. We need to talk.”

         “Nothing to talk about.” Alex walked past him, throwing her duffel bag onto the couch, then turning back to Gabriel.

         “What’s been up with you lately?” Gabriel jumped right into questioning. “You’re always so angry and starting fights for no reason. You never talk to me unless it’s to argue!”

         “I don’t know. It’s amusing?” Alex shrugged, coming up with a random reason.

         “Amusing? How the hell is that amusing?! And have you been spending time with Dantalion again?! I thought I said to stay away from him!” Gabriel accused. He hoped he was right about this, but at the same time didn’t want it to be true.

         “So what if I have? It’s none of your business.” Alex could tell the fight was only going to get worse from here.

         “It is my business. I don’t want you getting hurt.” Gabriel tried to calm himself.

         “Well I don’t need you protecting me all the time! Why do you think I go out alone so much? To get away from you. I’m sick of you smothering me and acting like I’m a little kid!” Alex began yelling.

         Gabriel was taken aback by her outrage. He stared at her in shock for a few moments, still processing everything. Alex continued yelling, but he ignored it, noticing a small bruise on the right side of her collar bone that was mostly healed. “What’s that?” He moved closer to her.

         “What?!” Alex was confused and angry. She noticed where he was looking and shrugged, taking a small step back. “Nothing.”

         “Doesn’t look like nothing.” Gabriel felt his anger return. I was right! “It’s a hickey!” Gabriel reached out and moved her tank top down a bit to see the hickey better, revealing the seal branded into her skin.

         Alex backed away immediately, “What the hell are you doing?!”

         Gabriel was flooded with emotions. “You- Why didn’t you tell me?”

         “What? The seal? I’m fine.” Alex covered the mark awkwardly with her hand.

         “No. You’re not fine Alex! This is why you’re so mad all the time!” Gabriel was pissed, but not so much at Alex as at Dan. Who does he think he is?!  “You’re turning into a demon! But…”

         “But what, huh? Thinking about how I was ‘normal’ when I cheated?” Alex found herself smirking.

         Gabriel was surprised to see her looking happy about this. “We still have time to fix this.” He just wanted to forget she cheated and just get her back to normal.

         “Who says I want to be fixed?” Alex crossed her arms. “I’m not broken, Gabriel. I knew exactly what I was doing that night. I wanted it.”

         Gabriel sighed and closed his eyes, he didn’t know what to say or do. “So...what? What’s going to happen?” He opened his eyes again and looked at Alex.

         “I-I’m leaving.”

         Gabriel swore he saw a shred of guilt in her eyes as she stomped by. “Alex, wait.” He grabbed her arm, stopping her.

         Alex blinked her eyes to dark red and glared at the angel, “Back. Off.” She pulled her arm from his grip and continued to the door, her eyes returning to normal.

         “I still love you, you know.” Gabriel mentioned, but he knew it was useless. He didn’t want her to leave, he still wanted to help her. Part of him couldn’t believe this was happening.

         “That’s too bad cause I don’t love you.” Alex didn’t look back at him, and just left without another word.

         Gabriel stood still, thinking over everything that happened. The depression began to sink in, along with the reality that that just actually happened. He had never really let anyone in as much as he did Alex. Not even with Kali was he able to be himself, he was always lying to protect himself. But he didn’t have to with Alex. She knew he was an archangel and didn’t care, she loved him anyway. But did she really? Did she ever really care? Gabriel sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

         “I need a drink. Or a million…” He teleported to a bar and sat at a stool. He knew he was going to be there a while, archangels don’t get drunk.

         As he drank, surprising the bartender with how much, he began to think about everything. He regretted thinking of it, but he began to question why God had to make everything the way it was anyway. Why his family had to fall apart, why there had to be so much evil, why he had to deal with all these questions and emotions.

         Eventually, the bartender kicked him out, and Gabriel left, not exactly knowing where to go. He couldn’t go back to the apartment, Alex was surely going to want it. I’ll figure something out…  He walked down a street, silently vowing to help Alex no matter how much she refused.


Author's Note-

I'm just gonna leave this here and run from the angry mob that will probably come and attack me. Along with the song that I thought fit pretty well. 

I Don't Love You- by My Chemical Romance to make you feel shit. 

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The next chapter explains wtf is going on with Alex & the seal btw~

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