Request [CLOSED]

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Let's see....

Okay.As the chapter title's have said, you guys can send requests now. DM to me the plot and the character. Don't write it in the comments. Or else i might forget about it. I'll say the rules here first:

1. I'll accept up to 5 requests (Fluffs, i don't do angst nor smuts. Maybe i'll do angst if i ever wanna do it, but smuts are a no no.)

2. If the requests have reached 5, i'll reject the requests that came after for the time being until further notice (Sorry about this).

3. If you're not sure whether i'm still accepting requests or not, you can ask me through dm or through the comments. I'll answer them as fast as i can. (Or you can see by the chapter's title. But still, don't be shy to ask.)

4. DM me and don't write it in the comments. I might forget about it if you did.

Peace 🤙

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