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Lucid  by Hexbug586
Lucid by Spiders Gaeul
First of a three series I have planned out. Will it work? Who knows. It's an IVExReader, but a lot of it won't be from reader POV so be warned. Contains some mature or...
To All The Girls I Loved Before ✔ by violetspov
To All The Girls I Loved Before ✔by def. violet
[IZ*ONE] [Trilogy] [Continuation 2021] "Always and Forever." Highest Ranking/s: #1 Izone #1 Nako #1 Izonexreader #1 Eunbi
KPop GG Imagines(fxf) by SimpleTimes1
KPop GG Imagines(fxf)by StepOnMeKDLL
Imagines for KPop GG
His missing piece  by yakelin2906
His missing piece by Yake2906
A lonely boy, who's missing piece finds him first and turns his lonely life around GENDERBEND ⚠️
Yujin Imagines (gxg) by gayforddlovato
Yujin Imagines (gxg)by Kaylee♡
highly requested 🌟 Female Reader Imagines with Yujin of IZ*ONE/IVE Enjoy, lovelies! Requests are open! But no smuts or personal imagines will be accepted or allowed. St...
royal; jang wonyoung by afterlikesoty
royal; jang wonyoungby n
08.28.22 #2 in wonyoung 9/15/22 #3 in jangwonyoung 9/5/22 #1 in dive 9/23/22 #1 in kimjiwon 9/29/22 #2 in ive 10/8/22
Annyeongz Fluff Oneshots (j.w.y and a.y.j) by lovedivefiction
Annyeongz Fluff Oneshots (j.w.y an...by lovedivefanfiction
yes the title says it all. Plagiarism is a crime!!⚠️⚠️
The Only Constant Is You | ryeji by ryujiniees
The Only Constant Is You | ryejiby ryujinies
Ryeji fake dating au | Ryujin and Yeji are childhood friends that ended up hating each other. They get themselves fired after causing a commotion, so Ryujin finds them...
Micah Yujin x Reader <33 by WhyIsMicahyujinSoBbg
Micah Yujin x Reader <33by Iheartnonexistentppl
Sooo this is a Micah yujin x reader book😈 I will most likely be open to any requests or smth I know there's some horny bitches (I am one of them) BRO MICAH IS SO CUTET...
Love At Café || Winrina || by _ryjii
Love At Café || Winrina ||by sophie
Where in Karina and Winter's love started at the café.
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The First Snow | XiaoJin FanFic by hiding_akisha
The First Snow | XiaoJin FanFicby hiding_akisha
Xiaoting, a serious and detached business tycoon, was only going through the motions of life after losing her parents. Every year she would visit Korea to witness the fi...
Neighbor | S.Ryujin [Under Editing] by violetspov
Neighbor | S.Ryujin [Under Editing]by def. violet
[GxG] [ITZY] [COMPLETED] "the last advice is for you to ask her out." Highest Ranking/s: #1 - itzy #2 - izone #2 - yujin #1 - ryujin #2 - yuna #1 - shinryujin ...
"Slow Journey" Izone by ayiziwon
"Slow Journey" Izoneby izone_gayss
Hwang Y/N is the maknae of idol group IZONE.
[✓] Mate: My Your Life || Park Jihoon by R_xania
[✓] Mate: My Your Life || Park Jih...by Xania_kim
"Park jihoon, jodoh aku?! Gak, ini pasti mimpi buruk." "Biasa aja kali, gak pernah ya dapat jodoh ganteng kaya park jihoon." Kisah seorang gadis be...
My Devil Sunbae - Jennie X Fem Reader [Rewrite ] by ShuHyoShin
My Devil Sunbae - Jennie X Fem Rea...by ShuHyoShin
*Under Editing. Some of the part was change and some of them have been deleted by me.* Kim Y/n a new trainee that has been bully by her senior, Jennie Kim. Little did Y...
DREAMLIKE ✔️ by Minah_re
DREAMLIKE ✔️by Minah
What would you do if you found the person you were looking for in a dream? Welcome to IZ*LAND, a fantasy where all the harshness in the real world fades into fluffy clou...
Can you love me~ (Kim Gyuvin) by HyunjinnChan
Can you love me~ (Kim Gyuvin)by AMERICANOO~
Y/n doesn't have friends and is always alone not until Gyuvin transfers schools and starts to notice y/n, but then something sparks that Gyuvin starts to have a crush on...
DON'T LEAVE ME (Yuyeon) by PAbOLANd615
DON'T LEAVE ME (Yuyeon)by pabolandscape
Yuqi just moved to Korea and she met a girl, Jeon Soyeon and realized she was crazy for her... (Started: August 28 2021) (Finished: July 2 2022) (Correction finished: Se...
highlight // izone au by kweenkwon
highlight // izone auby abi
where in twelve becomes one.
Girls Planet 999 One Shots by akiyama_20
Girls Planet 999 One Shotsby Lieutenant Aph
This book is published for two reasons: 1. Because I love these girls and I just randomly came up with some short plots to write. 2. To promote them to more people becau...