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Be Mine by Arbiter-Neko
Be Mineby Arbiter-Neko
Minju X Male reader You have always been a Kpop fan but unlike other people, you always dream of being able to be the one who captures the moments, the killing parts, th...
Twice's Daughter [PERMANT INCOMPLETE] by KLegendsM15
Twice's Daughter [PERMANT INCOMPLE...by KLegendsM15
Twice's interaction with babies during their trip to Switzerland, and their time on 'The Return of Superman'. Made me wonder how Twice would be as actual mothers and of...
Secret  [Hiinako] by nnnnsssskkk
Secret [Hiinako]by nnnnsssskkk
The well kept secret......but it's no longer a secret now
Given Courage (Hyewon x Male Reader) by Justarandomfan13
Given Courage (Hyewon x Male Reade...by Justarandomfan13
Kang Hyewon x Reader (Male) You were a popular trainee under JYP entertainment, being praised for being one of the most talented trainees under the agency. However, you...
I don't wanna love you by SkylerLiu
I don't wanna love youby Panda🐼
A story about Yujin fighting against her feelings towards her bestfriend to save their relationship. Eyyyyy~ Another fic again! This time it's YujinxWonyoung from Produ...
✔𝙈𝘼𝙍𝙍𝙔𝙄𝙉𝙂 𝙈𝙔 𝙀𝙓 | JENLISA |  by daebakiee_jjang
Jennie had an unfortunate accident resulting for her loss of memory. Lisa, her ex husband, reverted being her husband because she has been suffering from amnesia, to hel...
Rising Star (Yena X Male Reader) by Justarandomfan13
Rising Star (Yena X Male Reader)by Justarandomfan13
Choi Yena X Reader (Male) You used to be a trainee under Woolliment entertainment. You loved performing until you were involved in a significant car accident, putting yo...
instagram one ; soolia by sjunghannn_k
instagram one ; sooliaby soojin.
INSTAGRAM SERIES #1 ❝ 𝘼 𝙥𝙤𝙥𝙪𝙡𝙖𝙧 𝙜𝙪𝙮 𝙞𝙨 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙡𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙢𝙚?! ❞ Soobin was a popular boy since highschool. He never knew who Lia was until college. He hea...
It's You by catoonwiz
It's Youby askzoned
No matter what, love is always around. In family, friends and love ones. Twelve girls who've been struggling in life, but because they have each other they overcome eve...
Kpop girl groups/ female solo artists oneshots by kpopfemqueens
Kpop girl groups/ female solo arti...by kpopfemqueens
I was desperate to make one of this so I created a new acc and I will be posting oneshots with the queens you request me, as well as oneshots I'll want to do, so please...
The Archive (Kpop Oneshots - REQUESTS CLOSED) by Roverflame
The Archive (Kpop Oneshots - REQUE...by Miyeonism
(REQUESTS PAGE CLOSED) A collection of stories about you and members of various kpop girl groups.
"Slow Journey" Izone by ayiziwon
"Slow Journey" Izoneby izone_gayss
Hwang Y/N is the maknae of idol group IZONE.
Kpop x Fem Reader Poly Imagines by gayforddlovato
Kpop x Fem Reader Poly Imaginesby Kaylee♡
hi, lovelies! Welcome to my Poly Imagines book for different kpop idols! This book is NOT for member x member of certain groups such as Lisa x Jisoo, Irene x Seulgi, Jim...
[Completed] No Matter | Choi Yena x M! Reader by Yenalogy
[Completed] No Matter | Choi Yena...by Shiro
No matter what you do, life will find its way to get you Note: - This story is fictional. - Any events or name that's similar is coincidental - I do not own any of the...
Light Fury | Yeji X Male Reader by 808AirsoftBros
Light Fury | Yeji X Male Readerby 808AirsoftBros
Genre: Fluff/Supernatural In a world where idols are vampires... Y/N L/N was once a U.S. Marine Commando until he retired after battling against the NOE in Europe. Eve...
LESSERAFIM || Group chat by Ssamuuurwr
LESSERAFIM || Group chatby Chaewon’s child
This will be very crazy and chaotic, you have been warned :)
Serendipity | Wonyoung X Sunghoon Fanfic by bunnyluvchi
Serendipity | Wonyoung X Sunghoon...by bunnyluvchi
Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Jang Wonyoung and Park Sunghoon are both world-famous kpop idols who happe...
99 Times 🔞 by ysh_79
99 Times 🔞by hyemu
HyeMin [Hyewon x Minju] -A not so innocent one shot story collection of the Kang Hyewon and the Kim Minju.
Life of a Kpop Idol || The Journey Begins by DJSword
Life of a Kpop Idol || The Journey...by DJChaeng
This is a new story I made that applies to what I'm feeling in life but with a little twist Events and songs displayed here are all fanfiction and not real. Credits to t...
Yujin Imagines (gxg) by gayforddlovato
Yujin Imagines (gxg)by Kaylee♡
highly requested 🌟 Female Reader Imagines with Yujin of IZ*ONE/IVE Enjoy, lovelies! Requests are open! But no smuts or personal imagines will be accepted or allowed. St...