Story of Sebastian, Chap 15

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Chapter Fifteen:

Sebastian checked his watch repeatedly as he skipped through the scrolls. He wasn’t finding anything promising so far. Oh, he’d found plenty but none of it was good news and everything pointed to him being on the right path. So not what he’d hoped to find.

Sebastian threw down his pen and rubbed his nose, pinching it between his fingers. So, Paul was trying to twist Sorcha’s soul and Sebastian had been helping the whole time. The question he hadn’t answered was why. His fingers flipped through his notes. He’d found that the Fae became the dark ones when their souls went dark, but he had no idea what that had to do with Sorcha. She was Fae so he guessed her soul could grow dark and become the Grylock. The point was that he had no idea why Paul needed that. What good was Sorcha as a Grylock?

He groaned aloud and tossed one of the scrolls across the room. Sebastian stared at it for a second before retrieving it and carefully adding it to the pile on the table. Wouldn’t do him any good to piss off the vampire coven that this archive belonged to. He sighed and flipped through the scrolls again. There was no word on how to convert the Fae back or even save them from the change.

Sebastian looked up as the huge clock across the room chimed out in an eerie way. For whom the bell tolls danced through his mind and he laughed darkly. The only thing he could hope for was that he’d protected Sorcha from most of the bloodshed.

“I hate to interrupt, but I’ve had word…”

He spun on the bench and stared down the vampire. “And?”

“I’m guessing you may know something about a Fae woman going crazy near the Pub section?” Lucias’ eyebrows rose knowingly.

“And why would you guess that?”

“You did ask for information on the Dark Fae and she apparently seems on the way.”

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed. “You went and found her.”

It wasn’t a question and Lucias’ eyes held the answer. Fae blood was certainly a delicacy for his kind. Sebastian moved across the room at lightening speed and pinned the man into the doorway. It bent under the assault so that Lucias appeared to be part of the doorframe.

“You’ve gotten stronger,” Lucias choked out.

“You’d do well to remember that,” Sebastian growled.

“I didn’t touch her…”

“You’d be dead if you had,” Sebastian interrupted and backed off.

“Yes, well. You may want to go rescue your fair maiden.” Lucias smiled, “Or rather the men she’s crushing.”


Sebastian cursed and tuned in to her signal. Disappearing without a word, he missed the smile that crossed his ally’s face.

Lucias turned to the human servant that guarded his sanctuary. “If he returns, inform me immediately.”

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