Story of Sebastian, Chap 9

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Story of Sebastian, Chapter Nine

He had a plan for the strange woman in front of him, but not a timeline. Sebastian knew he would have to move quickly before Paul chimed in with more orders he couldn’t ignore. He had to really train her first. Raw talent was a start, but it wouldn’t defeat the dark sorcerer holding Dubhan captive. He also had to work on his own skills and figure out more of the damn rules. Lucky him, most rules seem to have loop holes. The trick would be finding them in time.

Sorcha seemed to be done celebrating. He looked up to see her looming over him.


Sebastian shook his head.

“Message from the Gods?” she asked sarcastically.

A slow grin spread across his face as the plan got a jumpstart. “Hard to get anything by you.”

“Really?” She quickly hid the excitement. “I wasn’t sure how it worked.”

“Yep. We need to get a move on. How do you prefer to travel?” Sebastian looked around.

It was her turn to grin. Sebastian followed her over to an old jeep. She patted the seat and he groaned.

“What, no love for antiques?”

“Has that thing run since WW2?”

“Have some faith.” She tied a bag down in the back and pointed to the passenger seat. “Hop in and tell me where to go.”

They were going through some rough paths, Sebastian holding on for dear life, before she broke the silence again. He asked her to repeat the question because he wasn’t sure he heard right.

“Sorry, I was talking out loud,” she answered. “I like to spend my driving cussing out the son of bitch that got me in this predicament.”

“What son of a bitch was that? What’d he do?”

She shrugged and turned hard to avoid a boulder. Sebastian’s stomach getting launched out of the vehicle even though he stayed put. This was going to be a long trip, he prayed they’d hit roads soon.

Sorcha swerved the car again. “Men are fucking bastards! Love you, leave you, and tell you it’s for the best. How the hell is a broken heart better for a girl?!”

Sebastian wisely kept his mouth shut and let her carry on in her tirade. Well, there was certainly no love lost for Dubhan. He’d have to be careful to leave his friend’s name out of the discussion. Of course, there were times in the monologue that he could tell she was trying to convince herself. Maybe all wasn’t lost.

“So what’s your story?” She turned her attention to him.

“Not much to tell. This is a recent change and I can only tell you so much. I do know I need your help.” He answered as honestly as he could. “I’m just kind of doing this as I go.”

“So where exactly are we headed?”

“We have to work our way to Ireland. Your first mission is there.”

“Why do I feel a ‘but’ coming?” She asked.

“You need training.” Her dirty gaze could have killed him cold if someone hadn’t beaten her to it. “You’re good, but you’ll need to be better.”

“Fuck off.”

Sebastian rolled his eyes and went back to being quiet, thankful when the tires slid onto asphalt. This was just going to be a barrel of fun. And it was so obvious that she would be super accommodating and just help him out of the goodness of her heart. His boot kicked the rusty floorboard, but still he kept quiet.

“Don’t kick the jeep. It likes to kick back…”

Sebastian barely held on in time as she sent the jeep into a series of swerves and donuts. She was trying to launch him out of the damn thing! How he managed to hang on was beyond him. He held back the urge to leap from the jeep and kiss the ground when the tires ground to a halt. Instead he merely smiled back at her.

“Feel better? You still need more training.”

“You’re going to be hard to get rid of, aren’t you?”

“You’ll grow to like me.” He winked.


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