Story of Sebastian, Chap 17

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Chapter Seventeen:

He walked quietly behind Lucias and the servant carrying the torch. Sebastian wanted to check on Sorcha before he was tied to whatever favor would be asked of him. A door was opened and he was shown in. Sorcha rested in a large bed, a warm fire burning brightly in the fireplace nearby. A young girl rushed forward as they entered and bowed to them.

“There has been no change, my lord,” she spoke to Lucias and moved aside.

The maid looked no more than 16, but her voice gave her away. Another vampire, Sebastian stared openly wondering what she had done to be demoted to servant. Fangs flashed and he knew she’d figured out what he was puzzling over. Sebastian turned his gaze back to Sorcha, a silent apology for being rude.

He walked over to the bedside and grabbed her hand. There was no response, she breathed and looked like she was sleeping, but she was still frozen. Sebastian had no idea how to fix it, putting him more in debt to his ally.

“I’ll notify you if there are any changes,” Lucias promised, signaling an end to his short reunion.

Sebastian was willing to pay almost any price to fix whatever damage he’d done. He was also certain he wouldn’t know what the price was until Lucias was ready to collect. He followed the vampire silently to another large set of double doors. They opened to reveal three waiting servants and a bed big enough for an orgy of the Gods.

His eyes narrowed at Lucias, “Am I sleeping with everyone here…at once?”

Lucias blushed and laughed, “No.”

“So I’m given a huge expanse of a bed and three servants because…”

“Angel blood is a delicacy and since you can not die, I’d like to make use of that.” Lucias circled him as he spoke. “We have grown frail and several of the women are not strong enough to mate. Our numbers dwindle.”

“And you think my blood will make them strong?”

Sebastian watched as Lucias thought about what exactly to say. Unlike popular belief, vampires did eventually die and they did have offspring. They were simply a supernaturally long-lived species like many other supernaturals. He watched the clock tick away and worried. It was going to be more than a blood donation.

“A couple may choose to lay with you.” Lucias turned red and looked into the fire. “My coven has fewer males than I would prefer. Breeding in of new blood, especially strong blood would be extremely helpful. But, I’m not a total ass. I leave that decision entirely up to you.”

Sebastian nodded, not sure how to answer.

“In return, I will care for your Sorcha. If she does not regain herself within a reasonable time, I will contact our specialist to have a look at her.”

Lucias bowed and dismissed himself. Sebastian would have followed him out, but the servants closed in around him.

“We have a bath prepared, sir.”

“The ladies will be here shortly.”

“Lucky bastard,” came a muffled complaint.

Sebastian had to smile at that. The poor SOB was probably new to his position. He’d have to learn to whisper quieter or just stay silent around these supers, their hearing was even better than his own. A vampire would cuff the man for the insult, Sebastian let it slide.

He allowed all the preparations, knowing full well that any dismissal would end with the tossing of him out on his ass. Sebastian also knew they wouldn’t necessarily return Sorcha to him before they did the tossing. He was essentially trapped and he knew it’d be messy.

The covers were pulled back on the massive bed, revealing black satin sheets. A perfect, depressing accessory for this little romp with who knew how many vampires. Well, he would give as good as he got. Having been with a vampire once before, he knew it was going to get messy and probably painful. Sebastian eyed the bowls of water and towels set out on a table and groaned. Yep, definitely messy and painful.

He was bathed and laid within the confines of the bed to wait. Sebastian crossed his arms behind his head and hummed. He was guessing someone near by would watch over the whole proceeding to make sure he didn’t hurt the poor, vulnerable blood-sucking wenches they sent in to him. He chuckled, really the idea was ludicrous.

His laughter stopped as the doors were opened and ten women paraded in. Each wore sheer robes of various colors and were marched in escorted by a servant. They lined up at the end of the bed with their heads down until the servants exited and the doors closed.

“Hello, ladies,” he said on a smile.

Several sets of eyes rose up to look back at him, hunger evident within them. Sebastian tried to memorize their features, those ladies would be the ones causing trouble. Still, no one said a word in response. He was about to crack another awful pick-up line to break the tension when the first girl moved to the bedside.

She peeked up from under her lashes, youth radiating from the flawless porcelain of her skin. Her eyes compelled him and his hand slid to the bedside. Her mouth lowered and before the piercing strike of her fangs he heard I’ll be gentle echo through his mind.

Wow, whoever the young girl was, she came from a powerful line probably one that led directly to Lucias. She drank her fill, licked his wrist out of habit, and then removed herself to the waterbowls to clean the little bit of escaped blood from her lips.

Sebastian’s eyes followed the girl as she exited, at least until the next set of fangs pierced his wrist and this girl was not nice about it. She sucked greedily, hungrily, and painfully.

“Oh, for pity’s sake. Have some decency, Florence,” someone muttered and the girl blushed and finished quickly, exiting almost at a run and skipping the cleaning bowls entirely.

As the line progressed, Sebastian realized the women were getting older and wanting more from him. The last one to feed was laying on his other side, cuddled up to his free arm and tracing circles over his chest. She was clearly waiting for the rest of the feedings to finish and other fun to begin.

His mind wandered back to the first girl. Now her, he might not have minded staying. Again, the thought was evaporated by the sharp pricks of a bite. The tart next to him had latched on to his shoulder. Apparently it was some cue for the rest of the females. All the robes dropped away and Sebastian was left staring at four perfect sets of breasts.

“Let the games begin,” he mumbled and laid back.

He had to let them do what they wanted and he could enjoy it, but no one said he had to do any work at all. He grinned, the angel had suddenly reached Heaven…

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