Chapter 30

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Sebastian wasn’t sure how to take everything the beautiful woman next to him had explained. After all, his brain was stuck on the fact that he was sitting next to Death herself. Of all predicaments he could have seen himself getting into, this was certainly not on the list.

            “So am I really dead now?” he asked quietly.

            Her musical laughter rippled through the room. “Of course not. You can’t die until you decide to give up your duties to me.”

            Relief got the best of him and his own laughter met hers. “Well, thanks for that.”

            Her laughter stopped cold. “Although, it’s amazing what a body can live through isn’t it? You’ll still feel pain and injury. I can’t take those things from you.”

            “I think I figured out that part on my own.”

            “Yes, well, Paul’s rudimentary spells keep you protected. Without those, it will take longer to heal. If you’re dealt a mortal blow after you’re free, you will pass out for however long it takes your body to heal.”

            “Still not bad news,” Sebastian smiled.

            “One other thing, there is one injury that can not be healed. I highly suggest if you see it coming, you give up your powers. Otherwise you’ll be trapped.” She shifted slightly so she could stare at him, her slender hand rose to touch his cheek. “If you remember nothing else, remember not to lose your pretty head.”

            “Keep my head, got it.”

            “Good luck, Sebastian….” Her voice trailed off as the room spun away.

            His gaze finally stopped and settled on a grassy field, obviously a clearing of some sort since trees surrounded him. “Telling me where I was going was too much to ask?” he muttered.

            Almost instantly, a tingle raced up his spine. This one came with trepidation and he knew it was Paul. His hand rubbed his neck slightly, wondering if the asshole knew that one rule about angels. The tingle grew stronger, almost causing pain and he couldn’t avoid it any longer. He stood and closed his eyes.

            “Time to pay the piper. If he kills me, I die with a clear conscience.”

            Sebastian peeked through one eye. He knew he’d moved through space like he always did, but he was curious why he’d felt no blows. Paul was sitting in a chair across the room, his fingers clearly gripping his glass a little too tightly.

            “Did you succeed?”

            That one question sent a bolt of fear through him. Was he playing games or did he seriously not know? Sebastian’s mind ran at top speed trying to find a solution. Best to play it close to the truth in case it was a game.

            “Yes and no.”

            Paul stood quickly, the liquid in the glass dripping over his hand but he paid it no mind. “What do you mean? Do you have the scrolls?”

            “No, I do not have the scrolls, but we did get them from Breas.” His fists clenched at his sides to control his temper and force him to stick to his last minute plan.

            “Who has the scrolls?” Paul ground out.

            “Sorcha has them…”

            “And where is she… answer me now.”

            Sebastian rolled his eyes at his captor’s impatience but had to answer. “She ran from me. I don’t know where she went.”  It was all partly true.

            “Why did she run?”

            “The situation scared her. She is frightened of me and doesn’t know whether she can trust me.” Again, also partly true since he had no idea what she really thought of him. This was working well so far.

            “So basically you are of no further use to me…”

            Shit! His brain cried out at the thought of dying. “I can find her. I can win her trust back and recapture the scrolls. I haven’t failed yet.”

            “Then do it…”

            “It will take time…”

            Paul grinned. “Time is something we have plenty of.”

            The floor fell out from under Sebastian’s feet as he plummeted to the ground hard. He remained uninjured but it still stung. Unfortunately, he still had no idea where he was since Paul had returned him to the same clearing he’d been in. He wondered absently how much time he’d passed with Death.

            Thinking about that reminded him of the detailed plan she’d come up with. It appeared he was going to have two bosses for awhile. Sebastian, the double agent. He folded his hands on his hips and tried to stand proudly, but only succeeded in laughing himself silly. Then the seriousness of the situation crashed onto his shoulders like a mountain.

            “Bloody hell,” he muttered and began searching for Sorcha. He was in for a long, hard haul to get out of this mess. Not to mention he'd now faced death twice in his adult life and shied away from it. Well of course he had, damn it. He had shit to do.

          With a new swagger in his step, Sebastian moved with purpose. He was going to save the whole damn world!

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