Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

This time, Sebastian didn’t bother with human transportation. He hopscotched them across the distance, resting only when he needed to. Transporting two of them magically was straining and he wondered if his wings would have helped any if Paul hadn’t clipped them. Sorcha, surprisingly, hadn’t asked him any more questions and he knew she was worried.

            He didn’t have the time to reassure her and he didn’t want to lie anyway. His weary mind was racing through scenarios and kept coming back to the same conclusion. Sadly, he knew it was one that Sorcha would scoff at. Sebastian also knew it was her only chance to be free and he’d have to get her to agree. It was going to cost him, he was certain, but it was worth it to save her.

Only when they reached Arizona did he stop for a real break. He was physically and mentally exhausted. He sat in a chair staring at the television screen but not registering what was on it. Fortunately Sorcha was.

            “Sebastian,” she broke into his thoughts. “Are we here about those attacks on the news?”

            He tuned in and listened carefully to the story about people attacked along a lonely stretch of highway. The police had no leads or evidence except for the battered humans. That meant one thing, his mind reeled. Follow the Grylocks echoed in his head. He shook his agreement, stunned for a moment that they were being so obvious.

            A hand landed softly on his forearm. “Why are you so scared?”

            He looked her in the eye and took a deep breath. “I’m going to explain this the best I can past the rules I have to follow. I need you to pay special attention, you won’t like all of it, but it’s the only way.”

            Sorcha nodded and sat in the chair opposite him. “This is it, isn’t it? What you’ve been training me for all these years?”

            “Yes and I don’t know how much help I’ll be.”

            “I’m sorry.”

            Her apology rocked him to the core and he sat forward. “For what, Kitten?”

            Her green eyes were dark and honest, but also partly cold. “I’m sorry that you have to worry about me… If I was better…”

            He stood and cut her off. “Don’t ever say that! I worry about you because… damn it, Sorcha, I care about you. I don’t want you to get hurt. That’s all. Put any ideas about my doubts out of your mind. You’re an excellent fighter!”

            She smiled and his heart skipped a beat. He turned away to pace and closed his eyes. His speech flowing out in a cold monotone, the rules tripping him up from time to time, he explained about what had happened to the best of his ability and what might happen.

            “If this goes south, you have to go home Sorcha. I mean it. You take off and don’t look back. Head to the land of your people and tell anyone that you were sent on a mission. If we’re after what I think we are, you need to get to safety as quickly as possible. I’ll find you if I can.”

            His eyes opened as warm arms wrapped him in a tight squeeze. At first, he thought to fight her off, then he realized it was merely a hug. A heartfelt moment from the little fighter he’d been ordered to darken. Apparently, he was doing good at fighting it if she still worried about him. Sebastian wrapped his arms around her gently, surprised and touched by the affection.

            “I promise Sebastian, but I’m very glad you can’t die or I’d never leave you behind. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

            And, just like that, the moment was gone and she was stepping away from him and gathering her weapons. Sebastian wanted to weep at the innocence lost, what he’d stolen from her and hadn’t been able to explain properly.

            Her voice was all business again. “Sleep, Angel boy. I know you need rest and I’ll keep watch. Tomorrow we’ll go face Fate head on.”

            “And hope we don’t get run over,” he muttered and sank back into the chair. Within moments, his eyes were closed and sleep stole him away.

            Sorcha stood on a hill, a bloody sword dripping red from the hilt onto her hand. Her red hair danced in the wind as she laughed wildly, the sound sending shivers down his spine and raising goose bumps on his flesh. He watched in slow motion as the sword rose higher, the moonlight glinting off of it as it flew in a strong arc in front of her. A man cried out as her sword connected, damn near slicing him in half. Sebastian could see the soul rise up and leave the field of death. In that moment, he realized she was the enemy and she was killing innocents. A flash of lightening illuminated the hill she stood upon. The grass ran red with the blood of the fallen and shadows moved in to sweep across the bodies. From somewhere in the distance, he heard Paul laugh with evil glee.

            Sebastian startled awake, falling out of the chair he’d slept in. His shaky hand rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked up to find Sorcha standing over him. He tried to hide his flinch as his brain registered the concern in her eyes. It was just a dream, she would never become Paul’s instrument of darkness. He would sacrifice himself first.

            He moved to sit in the chair again, nodding at her and not trusting himself to speak. Sebastian closed his eyes and felt her move away again. He reached out with his senses looking for the one person who could help them both, but still found no sign on him. He’d been trying every time they’d stopped, hoping that the Warrior was still alive.

            “It’s morning,” Sorcha ventured. “Would you like some breakfast? I can go down and bring it back.”

            “Sure, then we can go scope out that area.”

            Sebastian showered quickly while she was gone, more to clear his head than to wash away any grime. The hot water relaxed his tight muscles and he let his thoughts wander. They wandered back to the day he died and then to the day they’d rescued his friend and Sorcha’s only chance for survival.

            His fist hit the tile. “Where the hell are you, Dubhan?”

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