Chapter 31

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**Here is where it will begin to overlap with the unreleased Destiny Fulfilled, so chapters will get smaller and more sporadic. Spoilers may appear, you've been warned.**

Chapter 31

When he couldn't sense Sorcha right away, he figured she'd actually done what he told her to do. It was probably the most shocking realization of the day- she'd taken his advice. Making his way to the magical world was a whole different story. At least she was relatively safe while he figured out the details.

Sebastian stretched his arms and concentrated on getting to Sorcha. He focused all his attention and... nothing happened. Not a damn bloody thing. He was still standing in the swaying tall grass, itching wherever it touched.

"Fine," he mumbled. "Can I get a hand?"

He wasn't entirely sure who he was asking or who helped him, but next thing he knew he was rubbing his aching head and staring down a curious unicorn. He stood slowly and looked for a nearby branch to leap onto. Unicorns were territorial beasts, killing anyone or anything that wandered into their space. Oddly enough, this beast didn't seem angry. He sniffed at him and then moved away.

"Well, I'll be damned," Sebastian sighed and rubbed the lump on his head.

Looking down, he saw the boulder he must have slammed into when whoever transported him to this side. The landing left much to be desired but at least he was where he needed to be for once. Sebastian opened his senses and found Sorcha immediately. His powers coming easier and faster here, he closed his eyes and focused.

She didn't even turn around when he appeared in the orchard. Sorcha's focus was clearly on the people across the grounds. The look on her face was sad, so Sebastian followed her gaze and sighed inwardly. Dubhan, of course. He could tell the man was inside the barrack she was staring at, but her focus was on the young couple joking with each other as they crossed the ground. Apparently, he'd missed something interesting and suddenly felt guilty at not being there for her homecoming.

"You've been gone a long time."

"If people or things keep startling me in these trees, I swear I'm going rip them all out," she ground out through her teeth.

"Then what would you hide behind?" he asked curiously.

"I'm betting you know the answer to that already," she huffed.

"Maybe I do," came his chuckle. "The important thing is that you know it too."

He knew by her response that she was not feeling ready to listen to him and all he had to try to tell her. Sebastian disappeared to hold back and wait. His guilt grew at thinking that Sorcha wasn't happy to be here. Maybe he hadn't chosen the best option for her, but the scrolls were safe here. And with the fate of the worlds resting on that, he couldn't let her confused anger sway him. It may not have been the best choice, but it was the only choice he had.

A fuzzy head bumped his hand and Sebastian opened the eyes he hadn't realized were closed. The biggest cat he'd ever seen was staring at him intently with the same odd look as the unicorn. He moved to scratch it behind the ears, chuckling when its eyes close and a loud rumble he assumed was a purr echoed forth.

"Well, hello there fuzzy friend."

"Angel, my name is Tinka."

He jumped back a foot and the beast's head shook. "What are you exactly Tinka?"

"Grimalkin... protector of Beth and Harbin... Why have you come here?"

"Uh, well... bloody hell..." His hand scraped through his scalp. "I am protector of the one called Sorcha."

The grimalkin's tongue dropped out of its large mouth in what he assumed was disgust. The thought that echoed through his mind confirmed it.

"Dark girl... haunted... bring trouble here."

He moved forward and laid his hand gently on her head, hoping she would know he spoke the truth. "Yes, but hope is not lost. I aim to save her. As for the trouble, Tinka, it's already coming... With or without her here."

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