Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

He felt better after his shower, but he still hadn’t managed to find Dubhan. Where was the guy hiding? Sebastian walked out of the bathroom, a towel slung around his hips. He hands danced over his buzzed hair until he spotted Sorcha sitting on the bed in full battle gear. He blushed bright red, but she only smirked at him.

            “I don’t think that will work for fighting,” she laughed and chucked his pants and shirt at him. “You might want to dress.”

            “Right,” he grinned, catching the clothes. “Sorry for the show.”

            Sebastian turned back around and headed for the bathroom. It was still early in the day, the perfect time to find dark ones unprepared for an attack. He dressed quickly and studied his reflection in the mirror. He was very different from when he’d started this journey. He sent a quick prayer to the Gods and retraced his steps into the room.

            Sorcha sat quietly while he geared up with daggers and then slung his bag over his shoulder. He nodded to her and she followed him out of the room, still keeping up the silent routine. They walked out of the hotel together, no one noticing them cloaked in invisibility as they were. Sebastian took her hand softly and closed his eyes.

            Sebastian opened his eyes and let go of her hand. He watched as she drew two daggers from her belt and then surveyed the landscape. The sun was hot and high in the sky. Nothing stirred but the wind and the dust it blew into their eyes.

            “Nice place huh?” Sorcha asked. “I think I’ll build a summer home here.”

            Sebastian chuckled, “Smartass. Do you see any cave like structures around here?”

            They looked around and both caught side of some hills in the distance. Their eyes met and they nodded, a silent Warrior’s agreement to head in that direction. Grylocks couldn’t walk in the sun, so they hopefully wouldn’t be spotted until they were right on top of the fuckers.

            “When the fight starts, we’re in the right area,” he directed. “I’ll provide cover and you find the scrolls.”

            “Which scrolls am I supposed to grab?” Sorcha asked from beside him.

            “All of them,” he answered, handing her a pack. “Shove them in this and get out.”

            They walked for about a mile before they found their first guard in the shade. He died quickly without giving an alarm. Sebastian ordered Sorcha to take cover by the entrance as he called them out.

            “Angel buffet, all you can eat!” he exclaimed as he marched into the dark overhang of the hill cutout.

            A large metal door stopped his approach and Sebastian stared at it. He figured it was probably military in origin, but they didn’t give him much time to wonder about it. The door slid open with a groan and he was surrounded by darkness, cold, and sucking noises.

            “I’ve met leeches that look prettier than you boys,” he chuckled and called forth his blade.

            He dispatched the first two that rushed him easily, tossing the carcasses out in the sun to give himself room to maneuver. Sebastian grinned as the remaining shadows circled. One got in a lucky slice and he watched as the wound healed. Well, he was immune to them too, good to know.

            Sebastian blocked out everything but the fight, moving as one with his blades. Daggers flew into the ones holding back and his long sword decimated anything that got close to it. He moved around slowly, carefully watching for more attackers before calling out the all clear.

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