The Story of Sebastian, Chap Three

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The Story of Sebastian

Chapter Three:

The call ended without any confirmation from Sebastian. He should be excited that he didn't have to find a new way to kill a few hours. Instead he just found himself wondering why Dubhan didn't have a more interesting life. He shoved the phone back into his pocket and jogged his way back to the seedy motel. A quick knock on Dubhan's door and he was let into the 'war room'.

"You really need a hobby, mate," Sebastian ground out at the sight of weapons and accessories at the ready.

"Someone has to do the work around here."

"Right, cheeky asshole." It'd taken awhile, but Sebastian understood the dark sense of humor that his partner used.

Dubhan tossed a bag at him. "Let's try not to get killed."

Sebastian smiled back. It was the closest they ever got to being friendly, and they both understood the words went deeper. "Don't plan on it today."

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