Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Sebastian awoke, the freezing cold water dripping over his body. He shook the water off his head and glared at his boss. He could feel the signs that he’d been worked over while unconscious, the cracking of his leg telling him he’d probably walk with a limp for a day. His next thought was worry for Sorcha and the women he’d left her with, but he refused to ask anything of the smirking asshole in front of him.

            Paul chuckled, “Relax. It hasn’t been long.” His voice darkened like it always did before giving an assignment, “I have a very special job for you.”

            He snorted, “I bet.”

            “I need you to take Sorcha back to America. Then, you’re going to find a hidden cave in the desert hills of Arizona. You’ll know where to look, just follow the Grylocks.” Paul began to pace. “My intel tells me that Breas has hidden some important papers…”

            Sebastian couldn’t hide his gasp in time and it stopped Paul in his tracks. He wanted to kick himself. For the first time, Paul was giving him useful information and Sebastian had stopped him. He tried to hide his knowledge and cover his tracks but it was no use. With a flick of Paul’s hand, Sebastian was back in the bushes outside the house.

            “Damn it,” he grumbled and pulled himself out of the brambles.

            “Sebastian?! Are you okay?”

            Sorcha’s hand reached down and helped pull him out of the bushes. He was right and limped on his right leg as he came up. Bastard must have broken his leg, just another reminder of who was in charge. A tickle raced down his spine and Sebastian realized Paul was impatient too.

            Sorcha’s eyebrows rose. “Sebastian?”

            He looked behind her to see the sisters clutching at each other and turned his attention back to Sorcha. “Weren’t you supposed to go somewhere?”

            “Well, sure and we were just leaving when you reappeared. Is everything okay, you look really pissed.”

            She had no idea. Breas was well known among Enforcers and Tuatha alike. There had been rumors for centuries about the crafty old Fae, but it was hard to separate fact from fiction. Hell, most Enforcers Sebastian had run across thought the guy was merely legend. If Paul was trying to get the upper hand though, Breas was certainly real.

            He realized everyone was staring, so he turned his attention to the women hiding behind Sorcha. “Ladies, can you safely leave London alone? We have other business to attend to unfortunately.”

            Elizabeth was the first to answer, “We can get out and I think a group of two will be less noticed than all of us.”

            Sharon Green stepped forward and shook his hand. Sebastian stared at it while she spoke, “Thank you for helping us, but I hope I don’t see either of you for a long time.”

            He simply nodded and tried to ignore Sorcha’s curious look. It had all been games before. Sebastian paused in his thinking to wave at the departing sisters. He grabbed Sorcha’s arm and pulled her along beside him in the opposite direction. His brain rumbled along the track of thoughts he was having.

            “Sebastian?” her voice was full of worry.

            He slowed down, but not by much. “We have to get out of the coven’s territory and then we are heading back to America.”

            That was all he was going to tell her for now. He didn’t want to risk telling her too much and trapping her. Sebastian had a feeling this would be the big one. If Paul was going after someone like Breas, then he was getting ready for the big time. He wasn’t going to be willing to wait around for long.

            And Sebastian had a small suspicion as to exactly what Paul was hoping to find. He wondered how much time he’d have to plan and research before Paul called him up again and if he could save Sorcha before then.

            “Kitten, now you’re really going to have to listen and trust me, promise.”

            Her face fell. “This isn’t going to be a vacation, is it?”

            He growled, “Promise.”

            “Yeah, yeah. Fine.”

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