Story of Sebastian, Chap Eight

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Story of Sebastian

Chapter Eight

Sebastian found a quiet spot, out of sight of his new companion. He didn’t want to scare her or make her think he didn’t know what he was doing. Now he needed to figure out how to go about finding his powers. First, since he already had amazing built in protection, he needed a weapon.

He concentrated, thinking of only weapons. He tried to do all the things he could do before his death. Thankfully, they all still worked. Not so thankfully, they only worked as well as they had in his first life. Since he’d never bothered to practice them, that wasn’t his best option.

Gods he wished he had a sword.

Sebastian choked back a startled cry as his sword mystically appeared in his hand. He twirled it around. It looked and felt the same, but something was different about it. He concentrated and it disappeared again. He took a calming breathe and thought about his sword.

Sebastian watched as it appeared to grow out of himself. So, the sword was tied to his essence somehow. Meant he would never be without a weapon and that thought was reassuring. Too bad he couldn’t use it to chop off asshole’s head.

He practiced a few more times until the darkness started to close in. Sebastian got pretty quick about calling the sword and sending it back again. Surprising considering that magic had never been his strong suit.

“You okay?” Sorcha looked up as he marched back to the fire.

“Just getting prepared.”

“For what?”

“You seriously think I’m just going to watch while you battle who knows how many of those things?!”

“Maybe you should watch and learn,” she grinned.

Damn, she was really looking forward to the coming fight. Sitting there smiling while she stoked the fire, something struck him. He pushed the memory aside, wanting to focus on the fight ahead.

Sure enough, the shadows started to swirl around them. He barely heard her whispered order not to move. Right, they were supposed to be clueless humans. His sword hand itched and Sebastian found himself wanting to do battle as much as she did. By the movements now surrounding them, there were definitely a lot out there.

He watched the shadows swirl and close in, careful not to move his head and use only his eyes to track them. Sebastian’s gaze returned to the woman across from him and he watched as she used the same tactic. One moved close enough to smell her and he wondered just how long the damn woman would wait to strike.

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed as a claw moved out and shifted through the long red hair. This woman was fucking crazy. Before the thought finished, her short sword snaked around and the clawed hand fell to the ground. Unearthly screams lit the air and Sebastian stood to pounce, the sword making its appearance at his side.

He needn’t have worried. The woman was holding her own with five of the things when he was attacked. Sebastian fought like a madman, forgetting he couldn’t be injured. He didn’t want to take the chance that a dark one could still hurt him, not when Sorcha’s life could hang in the balance.

Sebastian dropped the dark one and kicked it into the fire. The flame rose with the addition and the shadows shrank from it. He quickly killed another one and added to the fire.

“Knock it off! You’re scaring them off, you idiot!”

He watched as the fire died, under her influence no doubt. The woman really was nuts. She was probably going to be the death of him. Thankfully the moon was full enough to shed plenty of light on the situation. Sebastian watched as her form disappeared and reappeared among the shadows she fought. She had raw talent and craziness on her side, but she needed some more practice.

He had to admire her fighting though. She never surrendered and never seemed to tire. Sebastian finally broke through and started fighting at her back. She moved, he moved, the dance continuing until the shadows stopped moving. The fire flared back to life, nice and large this time.

Sebastian studied her smiling face and her shaking arms. She was definitely winded, her panting was proof of that. She moved slowly in a circle, studying their parameter. Suddenly, she jumped up and let out a shout of triumph. Sebastian’s eyebrows rose as she danced a victory lap around the fire.

“Really?” He hadn’t realized he’d asked the question out loud.

She stopped and blushed. “Sorry, I’m not used to an audience. I’ve been doing this alone for so long.”

Sebastian felt like he’d been slapped in the face. The memory that he’d ignored earlier rose unbidden and uncontrollable.

Meeting Dubhan in a fight, fighting with him for the first time and Dubhan saying he’d been alone a long time. Dubhan drunkenly rambling about a woman with red hair and green eyes. Dubhan staring up at him from a dungeon…

“… just get yourself out of here and find Sorcha…Sorcha, tell her… shit… tell her I messed up okay. Tell her I’m a rotten fucking person and she deserves a whole lot better…”

Sebastian’s head rolled on his shoulders. He moved to a spot clear of bodies and dropped his ass into the dust. His head rested in his hands and he wondered just what the hell he’d gotten into the middle of. His last few minutes of life were so foggy, but why hadn’t he put two and two together when Paul had ordered him to find Sorcha? His fist hit his head. Because Dubhan had only used her name that last night.

Sebastian thought back to her fighting style and the daggers she used. She fought almost identical to Dubhan, she used similar weapons… He had to have trained her and she had real talent. He looked up and studied her again. She’d moved to cleaning her weapons, completely ignoring him.

A plan started to form in his mind and Sebastian smiled at her. She might be the damnation of him, but maybe, just maybe she could at least be Dubhan’s salvation.

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