Story of Sebastian, Chap 11

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Story of Sebastian, Chapter 11

(and it's another long one)

Sebastian checked them into the motel using the same ruse as before, brother and sister visiting distant relations. The woman at the desk had been very accommodating, giving them separate rooms that connected through a doorway. He’d immediately taken the connecting doors off their hinges and stashed them in his room. No sense in leaving her an opportunity to bolt. Surprisely, Sorcha had only laughed at the maneuver.

He’d left their departure date open-ended and paid in cash for a full week. He doubted they would stay that long, but Sebastian wasn’t worried about the money. He’d discovered he could pull money out of thin air if it was needed. Yet another cool angel power he’d learned about while training with the redhead.

Now came the tricky part. He needed to do reconnaissance, but he couldn’t risk taking her along or leaving her behind. Sebastian was stuck and not sure how to proceed. He needed to learn if Dubhan was still being held in the same dungeon or if he’d been moved. Sebastian prayed the sadistic fucker holding Dubhan was still holed up in the same place. If he wasn’t, well Sebastian would run out of time trying to track him down.

Thankfully, Sorcha solved the problem the second morning. She looked much improved from their little boat ride, even if she had sworn off boats for all eternity. After the kindness of the Captain, she’d slept the last day and a half of the trip away in their cabin. Blissfully unaware of her discomforts that last day, she’d yet to thank him for it and Sebastian wasn’t expecting gratitude any time soon.

“I’m bored,” Sorcha muttered, uncurling from the bed and hurling a book across the room. “Can we go look around?”


“Why not? The lady said there are great ruins just up the street. Maybe we could check those out?” She asked it all nonchalantly.

He knew it was as close to begging as she would get and it did solve his problem. Sorcha had no idea what was inside the ruins up the street, or at least what Sebastian hoped was still in the ruins. He was also hoping if he got close he could just call for Dubhan the way he did Sorcha and his new gifts would let him know if he was there or not.

Sebastian grabbed a big trench he’d bought on the ship. “I think you’ve earned a field trip. Especially since you look recovered.”

He quickly ducked the pillow that flew his way. Sebastian had used her sickness as a cover for keeping her inside the first day. Truth was, his brain had been busy planning and wasn’t up to the added task of watching her. Now she’d set the perfect plan in motion.

Sorcha was excited as she threw on her coat and hat. Ireland still had moody weather and the humidity did hilarious things to that red hair of hers. She’d taken to hiding it with a hat the second they’d climbed off the ship. Worked for him since it helped hide her identity. Again, Sebastian felt the slightest nudge of guilt.

He watched as she danced around from flower to flower, smelling each of the abundant wild blooms. Now she looked like the Fae he sensed her to be. If it wouldn’t have cost him his head, he might have asked how a Fae got mixed up with the Tuatha he knew Dubhan to be. Sebastian kept quiet as they neared the top of the hill. It was slow going with Sorcha enjoying the scenery, but he didn’t want to appear too eager.

He crested the hill with Sorcha close behind. Sebastian tucked his hands in his pockets and just waited. His plan was really just to follow her lead in this. He couldn’t make her suspicious of his reason for being here. Honestly, he was afraid if he told her the ruins where her ‘first mission’, she run off into them. Usually not a bad plan, but he’d learned his lesson with this bad ass. This time he would have a definite plan of attack first and surprise on his side. And, Sebastian seriously doubted she’d like the plan he was coming up with. Sorcha didn’t strike him as the type that liked to play bait.

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