Story of Sebastian, Chap 12

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Story of Sebastian, Chapter Twelve

Sebastian watched as Sorcha lunged upward with a dagger, giving the bloke a good slice through the middle. He hoped she’d remember what he said about killing the bastard. The man stumbled back, blood and guts leaking through his fingers. First his face registered shock, then anger. Sorcha ducked the powerful magic shot and threw two daggers, each striking him in the shoulders. A third followed quickly into the man’s neck. He was starting to resemble a pincushion of the Henckels variety and Sebastian admired Sorcha’s skill.

The man stumbled back, reaching for the dagger handles as Sorcha slammed him with a fireball. He fell to his knees and began begging. Sebastian saw the magic gathering in the man’s hands, but before he could yell a warning it was over. Sorcha must have seen it too. She’d plunged a short sword through the magic and into the man’s chest, ripping out his heart. Laying it next to the body, she used a large fireball to start the inferno.

Sebastian took that as his cue and began running. The spell guarding the dungeon would be dropped and Dubhan would be easy to retrieve. He thought back on what he’d told her about killing that bastard sorcerer. Truth was, Sebastian had known from the second he’d sensed his signal how to kill him. Must be part of the Angel of Death powers- knowing how to kill someone. Wasn’t that just fun?

He rolled his eyes as he dropped into the black cesspool he’d been trapped in weeks ago. Actually, Dubhan would have been proud watching Sorcha out there. She barely broke a sweat and most of that was thanks to his training, not Sebastian’s. He’d merely helped her clean up the moves and refine her power.

Sebastian found the hellhole Dubhan was still in and broke the door off its hinges in his rush to get to him. Dubhan only cracked his swollen eyes open before closing them again. His breathing was shallow and Sebastian knew he had to hurry.

“It’s alright, old friend. We’ll get you out of here,” Sebastian whispered, pulling the man up and over his shoulders. “Gods you’re heavy, even half-starved.”

“Did you find him?” The question echoed over the stones from above.

Damn her, she’d followed him. He couldn’t let her see who he was holding. “Yes, I’m taking him back now. Watch the fire and make sure the body burns entirely!”

“Okay… but…”

He didn’t hear the rest of her argument, disappearing on the spot and rushing to take Dubhan back. Sebastian wasn’t sure where he could safely take Dubhan, he didn’t want to be seen carrying him. Someone would get the wrong idea. He simply relied on his angel instincts as his body evaporated and came together with Dubhan safely in his arms.

“Oh great, middle of nowhere, no one around…” he mumbled to himself.

The earth shook below him as he heard a roar in the trees. Moving his head around, he couldn’t see anyone or anything but the damn trees. Sebastian reached out and found what was stalking them.

“Dragons,” he breathed out and looked down at his friend. “Well, you are a strange man. Only fitting I leave you in strange company I guess.”

He laid him down gently and began to back away. “Good luck, Dubhan. Don’t think bad of me.” He paused. “And for gods sake, find Sorcha and make up you stubborn idiot.”

The roars and earth shaking increased and Sebastian took that as his cue to leave. It was time to get back to Sorcha before she got any ideas. His body evaporated again and this time he felt the pain as he reappeared, surrounded by cement walls. Oh this felt all too familiar.

“You’ve done well,” Paul hissed. “I commend you.”

“You’ve been watching?”

“Of course, can’t have you going astray. Although I do admit teaching her to take down a dark sorcerer was genius. I had other plans, but that worked just as well.” Paul shrugged and circled Sebastian.

“I won’t hurt her.”

Paul laughed, ice flooding Sebastian’s veins. “If I wanted you to hurt her, you couldn’t stop yourself.”

Sebastian ground his teeth, his hands forming into fists. He had nothing to fight with, his hands were tied.

“You’re lucky, really. I have no plans for you to hurt her.”

Sebastian relaxed, only slightly. “What are your plans?”

“I’m not dumb enough to tell you that. You’ll take her to Moracco. There’s a demon there hoarding dark ones. With Sorcha’s help, you will destroy them all. Leave none of them alive.” He smiled and waved his hand, “Go!”

Sebastian groaned as his body evaporated again. He reappeared in the motel room, landing on his knees. Paul certainly hadn’t been nice about sending him back.

“Sebastian!” Sorcha cried out and rushed forward, “You’re bleeding.”

He looked down and rolled his head. Paul had left him with a going away present. The dagger stung like a bitch too. Sebastian grasped it and hissed, nice he couldn’t remove it.

“Just pull it out, quickly.”

Sorcha did so and pressed her hands over the wound. “What the hell happened?!”

Sebastian grit his teeth as the wound healed. “I ran into a little resistance, but I have our next assignment.”

“How can you talk about work when you’re bleeding all over?”

She was truly panicked, sweet of her and again Sebastian felt guilty. He sighed and brushed her hands away, showing her the wound had closed. He stood slowly and pulled her to the sink, needing to wash the blood off her hands. Desperate too actually. He didn’t like the look of it staining her hands.

“Geez, Sebastian, lay off.”

“Just hang on, Kitten. I want to get you clean.”

She pulled away from him. “Stop it. It’s just blood, see. Not even mine…relax.”

Sorcha held up her red stained hands, palms out showing him. Sebastian felt ill, something registered in the back of his mind, but he couldn’t grasp it. He only knew he didn’t like the picture she presented and it just wasn’t right. He stood his ground and she moved away to wash her hands.

“I will fix it,” he vowed. “I will get Sorcha and Dubhan back together as was meant to be and I will fix it.”


“I said, I’m sorry. I was just a little shook up,” he covered.

“I could tell,” she replied, drying her hands on a towel. “Better?”

“Yes, much better.” He needed to deflect, “Hungry?”

“Starved,” she smiled.

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