Story of Sebastian, Chap Six

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Story of Sebastian, Chapter Six

Paul rocked back on his heels and laughed coldly. “The fact that you don’t know what you are makes this so much easier.” His voice grew serious as he leaned closer. “Here’s the deal; you do as I say, when I say it, and how I say it. I make the commands, you obey. You can do nothing else.”

“We’ll see about that,” Sebastian taunted, wondering why he bothered.

“A demonstration perhaps?” The asshole paused as he thought, then smiled. “Bite your tongue.”

Sebastian’s teeth locked down on his tongue hard enough for him to jump and taste the salt of his own blood. As soon as his teeth let up, he sucked on the injury. He didn’t dare speak, sure now that the asshole was right about what he’d said. Sebastian had somehow come back as an angel and was now under the control of this jerk. Whatever the fucker had in mind, Sebastian would have to follow the commands. His eyes closed and his body shook at the anger and injustice of it all. He’d started life in servitude and now he would end in it. Sometimes life just kicked you when you were down.

“I see you understand,” Paul droned on. “Open your eyes.” He laughed as Sebastian had to follow the command. “Good. Your first job is to find a woman for me…”

“I don’t think I know your type,” Sebastian interrupted and grinned. “Let me guess, you like them young and stupid with big breasts.”

“I like your spirit, I really do. Right now though, you’re going to listen and watch.” Paul’s hands waved through the air and a picture formed. “This woman is called Sorcha. You will find her somewhere in America. Find her and stay with her. I will tell you what else to do later.”

Sebastian fought the hold over him. “Two questions. One, how am I supposed to find her and, two, what if she kills me on sight.”

He was studying the woman in the image. Long red hair, bright green eyes, and a face that said she was dead inside. He was sure she’d drop him as soon as he waved in her direction. Of course, that could have worked in his favor and now he regretted asking. Something about the woman pulled at him though. As he tried to study her further, the image disappeared.

“Good points. The first is easy. You have an assignment, your angel skills will find her for you. The second, well it’s not easy to kill an angel, but I can make it even harder.”

Sebastian felt his skin tingle as the guy muttered some words that sounded like Latin. Great, he knew spells too. That made him doubly screwed. The tingle grew to an annoying itch and he curled his toes as he ground his teeth. His second life as an angel wasn’t starting out so well. And, if he was supposedly an angel of death and destruction, where was Death? He only knew the folktales, but he would guess an angel of death should be commanded by Death.

“There,” Paul interrupted his thoughts. “You’re now invincible… you’re welcome.”

“Gee, thanks,” came the mumbled response.

Sebastian felt the chains fall away from his body and stretched. He got up slowly, never taking his eyes of his opponent. He had one chance at freedom and he would have to move fast. His body lunged from years of experience and acting on instinct. Sebastian was going to hold true to his oath to tear the fucker limb from limb.

Paul only grinned at him and stood his ground. Sebastian watched in shock as his body turned away from his target and slammed into the wall. He bounced off and onto the hard floor. It hurt like a bitch for a second, but there were no injuries on his body that he could tell.

“Your hand,” Paul pointed.

Sebastian looked down to see his hand at an odd angle on its wrist. Oddly, it didn’t hurt at all. Then, the thing started to move and snapped back into place with a loud crack.

“Holy hell…” He wiggled his fingers and stared

“Something like that.”

The voice was full of evil menace now. Playtime was over apparently. Sebastian climbed to his feet and just stared the man down. So, there were rules to this game and he didn’t have the manual… just fucking wonderful.

“You can’t hurt your master…”

“No shit.”

 Paul smiled again, chilling Sebastian to the bone as he moved closer. “Now go and find the woman.”

He was about to ask how again when he felt his body come apart. His last thought was that it was going to hurt again before his body disintegrated.

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