Chapter 18

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Chapter Eighteen:

Sebastian looked up from the silken sheets tangled around him.

“Is she awake yet?” he asked quietly, as he had every morning for a week.

“No,” Lucias answered, clapping his hands to bring in the servants.

They brought water and a tub to bathe their special guest, but Sebastian didn’t feel at all special. He felt like an ass. He waited quietly for Lucias to answer his unspoken question, not having the strength to ask it again. The women of Lucias’ coven had gone a little too far in their play the previous night and it was taking him some time to heal.

“I’m calling in a specialist to look her over. He should arrive today.”

Sebastian splashed water over the tub edge as he moved to protest.

“Do not worry, my friend. He can be trusted completely. Did I not swear that no harm would befall your charge?” Lucias tsked his tongue against his fangs. “It is not like you to be so suspicious. Perhaps there is more to your story?”

Sebastian growled low, causing a servant to drop a washcloth and scatter backwards. He fished it out and grabbed the soap from another’s startled hands. He could damn well bathe himself. His hands worked the sudsy cloth over his upper body, making him feel human with each swipe. Soon, the water grew pink around him. Sebastian tried to ignore it.

“Maybe if your girls had been nicer, I’d feel like talking more,” he grunted, grabbing the bucket and rinsing his hair and chest.

Damn him to hell, Lucias actually looked upset by the news. Sebastian winced as his fingers grazed over a tender bite near his tender bits. He refused to say anything more, concentrating instead on cleaning himself up and trying to heal. It was a slow process being low on blood as he was.

Sebastian froze as Lucias’ mouth came dangerously close to his neck. He felt the stirring of air over his wet skin and then Lucias quickly moved back to safe ground. Sebastian breathed a quiet prayer of relief as the vampire did so.

“I apologize, you have indeed been mishandled,” Lucias bowed and stood straight. “As such, you may have tonight off to regain your strength and visit your friend.”

“When is your specialist coming?” Sebastian grunted, avoiding another bite on his lower leg.

Lucias checked the large grandfather clock in the corner. “Should be here in an hour. I will have fresh clothes brought to you at once.”

“Lucias, can you make sure it’s some current style. I hate looking like an extra from the set of Interview with a Vampire.”

At least the vampire leader had the good grace to chuckle as he backed out of the room. Sebastian rolled his eyes, he’d probably just sealed his fate of wearing some vampire fashion throwbacks. Lovely. He found the eyes of one of the servants.

“You guys have a first aid kit around anywhere?”

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