The Story of Sebastian, Chap Four

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The Story of Sebastian

Chapter Four:

"Famous fucking bloody last words," Sebastian ground out, rattling the bars on the window.

Dubhan wrapped another slice of fabric around his arm. "It's almost tomorrow and we're not dead yet..."

"Ha-ha. What the fuck happened?"

"He knew we were coming, something or someone tipped him off. Should have known something was up when he came home early. Not his pattern..."

"You've sat up here every fucking day, haven't you..." Sebastian got no answer. "Unbelievable."

The black eyes went colder. "I'm doing a fucking job, so yeah I'm watching the asshole."

Sebastian held his hands up to calm him down. One didn't just walk away if you questioned Dubhan's duty. "Why is doing a job so important to you?"

Dubhan groaned as he tied off the fabric. "Duty is all I have left."

"That flat out sucks..." the words died off as he realized he spoke aloud.

"No fucking kidding," the guy surprised him with a smile. "Can you still do that disappearing trick?"

"The one from Greece?" Dubhan's head shook and Sebastian shrugged. "Haven't really tried it since then. Shimmering isn't working so I guess it's worth a shot."

"The girl he had. Short blonde spikey hair, about four foot eight..."

Sebastian's eyes narrowed. "Pink sweater and black miniskirt?"


He punched the wall, knocking a crumbling stone loose. "Mother fucking bloody pixies!" Dubhan waited for an explanation and he got one. "Fucking pixie started one hell of a brawl in a pub earlier. Told her to leave me out of it. She must have been in cahoots with our bad guy. You saw her reporting our presence to him."

Dubhan's head smacked back into the wall. "And we walked into the trap. She must be loving it."

"Knowing the guys track record, probably not, but I'm not going to assume she needs rescue either." Sebastian paced. "I have to get us out of here... find how he's got this cell barricaded and then get you out. We can take him from there."

"I'll just wait here..." Dubhan smirked and went quiet to let him concentrate.

This was different than their usual mode of travel. Shimmering you still felt like your whole self, just traveling through space and time. What he'd done in Greece had been like blowing all parts of his being to hell and then pulling them back. He'd done it on pure survival instinct and he wasn't looking forward to trying again. Sebastian shook out his arms and neck to relax.

His eyes opened on a groan. Gods, that fucking hurt and took a serious amount of energy. He looked into the night sky and tried to calculate how long he'd been out of it. Few hours at most so he still had time to get Dubhan free. First, Sebastian had to find out how the cell was warded so he could break the spell. He sat up carefully and waited for the spinning to pass before taking in his surroundings. He had wound up close by, thankfully in the cover of the trees, but he could see the ruins from here. He concentrated and carefully located their captor. Sure enough, he was busy entertaining the pixie who'd turned them in. Sick thing loved every gory minute and Sebastian fought the urge to retch. He turned his attention to finding the cell he'd just vanished from. If he got lucky, he'd be able to see the magic pattern and untangle it. If he was unlucky, he'd have to take out the magician and the pixie to take the spell down.

Sebastian wandered carefully around the grounds. He spotted the familiar grate in the dirt and whistled.

"Bout damn time," came the reply. "Can you get me out of here?"

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