Story of Sebastian, Chap Seven

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The Story of Sebastian, Chapter Seven

*and don't worry, he'll put it together about Sorcha eventually. :-) He's had a lot to process. *

Sebastian felt his body come back together, all the bits and pieces finding their correct matches and putting him back together in one quick burst. This time it didn’t hurt, just tingled a bit. He wiggled his fingers, amused since he’d never been awake during the process before.

He barely had enough time to ponder the situation when he saw the blade enter the skin at his shoulder. Again, he registered no pain. He watched as his body began to push the blade out and then lifted his head to look for who had thrown it.

The woman he was looking for was staring at him, another blade resting lightly in her hand. Sebastian caught the one from his shoulder as it fell loose and studied it. Odd, it looked just like the type of dagger that Dubhan favored. He looked back up at her, pasted on what he hoped was a nice smile, and cocked his head.

The second dagger hit closer to his heart and stung a bit. This time, Sebastian just ripped it out and let the wound heal. She launched a third quickly and he ducked lightly.

“Okay, knock it off already!” He shouted. “It’s pretty obvious that tactic won’t work.”

Her green eyes studied him coldly. “And just what the hell are you?”

He couldn’t resist. “I’m your Guardian Angel, tada.”

Turned out it was the perfect thing to say. Her eyes widened and her hand lowered. Good thing too, the lady was loaded with more of those daggers. It could have taken a while before exhausting her of her weapon of choice. Sebastian found himself wondering just what the blazes this woman did and why she was so important to a sick man like Paul.

“They’ve noticed,” Sorcha murmured, putting her blades away.

“Excuse me?”

“The Gods… they’ve noticed all the good work I’ve been trying to do. They sent you to me.”

“Oh, right… the guardian angel thing. Well…”

“You ARE a guardian angel right?” Again, her eyes narrowed and her fingers itched over her belt.

Sebastian tried to tell her exactly what he was and why he was there. Maybe if he scared the crap out of her, she’d take off and he wouldn’t be able to carry out whatever sick orders he was given. The problem was, nothing would come out of his mouth. His voice stuck in the back of his throat causing him to choke. He finally gave up, swallowed, and started over.

“It’s complicated,” he coughed out. “I can’t go into it all.”

That came out easier. Great, more rules he didn’t know about. He wondered just how many rules there were. Apparently, it was going to be a trial and error deal. Not a good plan when he was trying to save his ass and hers. Hopefully, he was a fast learner and Paul would take his time ordering the next part of the mission.

Sorcha stepped a little closer. “You’re really who you claim to be?”

Funny, it’d been easier to spit out the word “angel” when he’d been sarcastic. Now that he was trying to be serious, he couldn’t get it out. Instead, Sebastian painfully nodded his head. Gods, his second life was really going to be a pain in the ass.

His eyes widened as the biggest fireball he’d ever seen came hurling straight for his head. He was too stunned to even move, shocked that the little woman in front of him had that much power. Sebastian also wondered why she didn’t start with that parlor trick and save the knives for dessert.

All the tumbled thoughts stopped as the fireball shrunk and disappeared before striking him. It happened so quickly that Sebastian retraced the path with his finger. Fireball sent, fireball coming, fireball gone. What the flipping… warning shot?

“How the hell did you do that?” Sorcha asked, stepping back slowly from him, some other magic taking form in her hands.

Sebastian moved closer, certain it hadn’t been a warning shot and wanting to test the waters. He watched as the magic died out in her hands when he got closer and grinned. Magic didn’t work on him apparently. Finally one good perk of the job, he smiled again and tried to help her out.

“Magic doesn’t work on my kind.”

“Why are you here?” Sorcha spoke slowly.

Sebastian shrugged. “Hell if I know, this is where I was told to go, you are who I was told to find, and here I am.”

“You’re not a very helpful guardian angel.”

He didn’t miss the sarcasm in her words and shrugged again. “My boss isn’t very good at giving a lot of information or details.”

That seemed to calm her and Sebastian stepped back a few paces to give her room. He wasn’t sure why he was trying to win her trust. He should be sending her running for the hills. Maybe it was because of Paul’s control, but part of him admitted he wanted to help her. If he sent her running scared, Paul would just find someone else to pick her up. Sebastian thought maybe he could offer a small shot of protection.

Sorcha had sat back down by a small fire while he’d contemplated his purpose. Sebastian rolled his eyes at himself and moved to sit across the fire from her. It was small by anyone’s standards, barely throwing off any heat or light. A pity since the temperature was dropping as the sun gave way to the moon.

“Where are we?” He couldn’t help asking.

She didn’t seem surprised by the question. “America, the southwestern desert. Not many humans out this way yet.”

“So what are you doing out here?”

“Your boss is really bad with details,” she chuckled. “I’m hunting dark ones, loads of them out here too.”

“So why the small fire?”

Now she stared at him like he was crazy. “Sure, I could make a huge fire but then those inky bastards would know what was out here. I want them to think I’m some human, ripe for the picking.”

“They don’t prey on humans.”

She scoffed, “Trust me, these ones do. They’re after someone.”

“So, I’m sitting in the middle of a trap with darkness closing in and dark ones everywhere in the shadows… did I miss anything?”

He heard a shuffle in the distance that raised the hair on his arms. She smiled. “I hope you have a weapon.”

Gods, this woman was a blood-thirsty one! He wondered again what Paul wanted with her. If she was out hunting dark ones she was on the good side; Paul definitely was not. Was this petite woman really killing off enough foot soldiers that Mr. Fucker would go through the trouble of finding and trapping him to send after her? And, what did he have for weapons? He couldn’t be hurt obviously, but he wanted to be able to help. Being able to stand there and take shots wasn’t enough, he needed something else.

“Excuse me a minute,” he interrupted the silence.

She nodded and he walked out a distance from the camp- time to see just what this new life had earned him. It was time for a crash course in angel defense and offense and, with only about 25 minutes to total darkness, it was going to be a quick course.

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