Chapter 19

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Chap 19

“As you can see, your companion is quite comfortable,” Lucias stated.

“Right, except she’s a vegetable.”

“I assure you, she’s quite alive.”

Sebastian almost heard the drooling in that tone. “Don’t even think about it…”

He watched as Lucias backed across the room away from the small bed. Thank the Gods for vampire vows and laws. Sebastian rolled his shoulders, still stiff from being abused the night before. The indentured servant thing had started out fun, but it was wearing thin and fast. He had to figure out how to make Sorcha better again and then get them both out alive.

“When will your so-called expert be here again?” Sebastian asked, taking a seat at the head of Sorcha’s bed.

“Why I expect the doctor should be shown in any minute.”

“Good, why don’t you go see what’s taking him.”

Sebastian was happy that the vampire leader caught the hint and exited the room. He was probably only standing right outside the door, making every word Sebastian spoke as clear as day. He shrugged, at least having the vampire out of the room was good for his peace of mind. Couldn’t be helped they had supernatural senses of hearing. Hell, he’d be surprised if there wasn’t a spy in the walls.

He leaned in close and laid his forehead against hers, just relaxing there for a moment. He could hear her heart beating, her skin was warm, and her chest rose and fell in regular intervals. So, why wouldn’t she wake up?

“Kitten,” he whispered. “I don’t know what I did, but I hope like hell I can undo it. We really need to get out of here.”

He wrapped her hand inside his and leaned back in the chair to wait, sighing at her lack of response. Sebastian could hear voices outside the door now. Good, maybe this expert would have some ideas.

His eyebrow rose, did her hand just twitch? He opened his fist to watch her hand, waiting for any other sign of movement. Come on, come on, he thought. Just a flicker of a finger, something, anything. Sebastian was staring so intently at her hand, he didn’t catch the movement of her eyelids.


The sound was weak, like the croak of a rusty trunk lid. But it was enough to shoot Sebastian out of his seat.

“I think I just had a heart attack.”

Sorcha’s chapped lips grinned slightly. “Good thing you can’t die.”

“Don’t talk, just relax.”

“What happened? Where…” Sebastian silenced the questions with a few fingers over her lips.

He started looking around for water somewhere to give her as the door swung open. Sorcha immediately sat upright and crossed her arms. Great, she was always moody when she first woke up. Sebastian spared a glance for Lucias and his tall, female companion. She had nice legs under the short suit skirt she wore…

“My legs don’t carry my credentials.”

Shit, mindreader… He watched her smirk and he grinned in return. Sebastian watched the blush spread over her face and down the lovely opening at the front of her shirt as he thought about her naked and twisted around him. That was better, until he caught her mental projection of her head between his legs. Hell, he could practically feel her tongue…

“Enough games,” Lucias’ voice brought them both back to attention.

“I apologize,” the lady answered and moved toward the bed where Sorcha sat puzzled.

Lucias bowed his head. “My expert, Dr. Sharon Green. As you’ve already experienced, she possesses quite lovely skills of the mind.”

“Thankfully, he employs me for my intelligence,” came the quip from the bedside.

Sebastian got the feeling Sorcha was in good hands and eased himself into a different chair. Propping his feet up on another bed, he leaned back and waited while the good doctor looked Sorcha over. He caught the whiff of power in the room, sending his Enforcer radar into full swing. A quick review told him that it was just Dr. Green checking over Sorcha, must have allowed for private conversation. He noticed that Lucias had also perked up, but with a puzzled look on his face. So, the vampire knew when she was using her power but not how or with who… interesting…

“You should leave as soon as possible… the things they have planned…”

Sebastian caught the image she sent his way and fought to hold his face still. Apparently vampire vows only went so far, thankfully he already knew that. As soon as Sorcha was pronounced well again, the vow of her safety would be at an end.

“I can tell him she needs another day of rest, but he won’t believe me for long. She’s fine if a little dehydrated. Get her out of her and give her fluids. If you need me…”

Another image appeared of a small brownstone with the address clearly showing. It’d be tattooed into his brain now. He rubbed his eyes as if he appeared tired, surprised when a gentle hand touched his own.

“Are you okay?” her melodious voice drifted to him and he stared at her.

“Just a little… overworked,” he smirked back.

She moved to take his pulse and pulled back after she spied what was hiding under his collar. The good doctor turned into quite the hellcat then.

She spun around to face Lucias. “You’ve been draining this man!”

“He gave of himself willingly,” he answered, uninterested in her concern.

“No doubt in some vampire deal of your making!” Lucias gave no reply to her accusation. “I could report you to the council.”

“Go right ahead, my dear. They’d find nothing wrong with this arrangement.”

Dr. Green adjusted her collar. “Yes, well, this girl seems to be okay. She’ll need at least another day or so of rest.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Lucias bowed. “You may collect your fee on the way out.”

“I know how it works, Lucias. You mind yourself,” she warned before stomping out.

“That is quite the doctor,” Sebastian joked, catching Sorcha’s eye and giving a subtle shake.

“Yes and she comes with a hefty fee.” Lucias adjusted the edges of his jacket coat.

“Of course I’ll reimburse you before we leave.”

The vampire startled. “You can not leave so soon. You heard the doctor’s orders.”

“I was planning on giving Sorcha one more day of rest,” Sebastian calmed him, but his reaction gave away the truth of wait the doctor had shared.

“I’m fine,” Sorcha grumbled.

“Sure you are. Rest and I’ll come see you again tomorrow.”

Sebastian leaned into kiss her forehead and follow Lucias out. A quick glance over his shoulder revealed Sorcha studying the room. They were getting the hell out tonight, somehow.

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