The Story of Sebastian

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The Story of Sebastian  

Copyright 2010  

Jennifer L. Feuerstein

Welcome to my first online-only publication. Sebastian is a character from my ongoing Tuatha series, but his story was bigger than the books allowed. Hence, I decided to tell his story online only. Each piece will be added separately with no actual timeline. Warning, if you're reading the series there may be spoilers in this story. I'd also like to say the prologue and first chapter are in first-person because I felt he deserved to do the introduction. At chapter two, the story travels into the normal story-telling realm of third-person. This was purposeful. I welcome all respectful comments.

Warning: Story contains adult language, violence, and adult situations. Rated R.

Without further ado, welcome to The Story of Sebastian:



It started out like any other day. Up at dawn, breakfast of champions, and then meet up to go over intel. We were a great team because we could work apart to gather information. All those things that go bump in the night, that scare children into sleeping with a flashlight... they're all real and I hunt them down. I don't hunt them to save those children huddled under the sheets, I hunt them to save my race.

So there I am huddled over a bowl of some human cereal crap and a mug of coffee. If I had known what was coming, I might have crawled back into the stained covers of my motel room bed. I didn't know though and I listened with interest as Dubhan laid out his leads. He'd had a better night than me. My arm was still aching like a bitch where the Dark One had gotten in a lucky shot.

I rolled my arm to work out the kinks and he stopped in his assessment to stare at me. It was the dark eyes that always stopped me cold. He was a hard man to like, but I did respect him. His eyes went way past the usual dark eyes you'd see in the human world. They were black as night and terrifying when they latched on you like that. I sipped my coffee and tried to ignore the prickling on my neck. He'd been through some rough shit back home, but that was all I could ever really get out of him. So, there we were two unlucky bastards trying to do some good while both secretly hoping the effort put us out of our misery. Death is funny that way. Even when you go searching for it, you hope it never finds you. Guess it wasn't my lucky day...

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