Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

            “Where exactly are we going to go?” Sorcha started in with the questions.

            Sebastian ignored her for the moment, trying to remember the streets of London. It’d been several years since he’d been through the London streets and they’d become even more of a maze since then. Elizabeth spared him from thinking too long about where they were by grabbing his arm and tugging him in the right direction. He could hear Sorcha following with her questions still flying. Sebastian’s only concern was the one he voiced.

            “We’re not far enough away from the coven yet,” he mumbled, reaching behind him to pull Sorcha along.

            Their little group held on to each other tightly as they joined into the regular foot traffic of the London streets. In this part of the town, they didn’t stand out and Sebastian suddenly realized why the coven had chosen it. The alley had led them out into an area of clubs frequented by the new punk scene youth. Fresh faced vamps would easily blend in with this new crowd and probably find easy meals.

            Sorcha dug in her heels, pulling on Sebastian’s hand and in turn stopping Elizabeth. The vampire turned an angry, sullen look on the woman but didn’t say anything.

            “We’re going to get Elizabeth to her sister and then get both of them out of the area.” Sebastian wasn’t going to explain it any further and began pulling both women along.

            “We need to move,” Elizabeth whispered. “Even if they haven’t noticed we’re gone, the coven will begin hunting soon and we’ll be recognized.”

            He figured it was the thought of being dragged back that got Sorcha’s mouth to stop moving and her feet to walk instead. They made good time, going whichever direction Elizabeth tugged them in until he started to recognize the street from the visions the doctor had shown him.

            “We’re getting closer,” he mumbled.

            Elizabeth didn’t seem at all surprised by his knowledge as she responded, “Yes, just a few more houses.”

            Sorcha’s stomach rumbled. “I wonder if she’ll have food?” She looked at the two strange faces eyeballing her. “What? I’m hungry.” She shrugged and kept walking.

            Both gasped in surprise as Elizabeth easily shoved them into the bushes in front of a pretty row house. “Wait here. I’ll check to see if it’s clear.”

            Sebastian wasn’t going to argue. He wrapped his arms around Sorcha to hold her close when she wanted to climb up. “Wait, Kitten. It’s safer this way.”

            He left out the part about her being his first priority where safety was concerned. He’d help the vampire and her sister if he could, but only as repayment. At the first sign of danger, he’d grab Sorcha and run. Sebastian didn’t think that made him cold-hearted in the slightest. It just simply meant he could keep his mind on his objective; it was training- that was all.

            “I’m getting real tired of the over-protective crap,” Sorcha mumbled in a whisper.

            He smiled at the back of her head but said nothing. There was nothing he could say really. Sebastian knew he was being overprotective, but what other choice did he have at the moment? Sorcha knew nothing about the world of vampires and after the stunt they’d just pulled, he probably wouldn’t be able to return to London for a hundred years without a price on his head.

            Elizabeth’s head peeked over the bushes and smiled, “Coast is clear as you would say. Come, my sister is making a snack.”

            “Thank the Gods,” Sorcha sighed as her belly rumbled again.

            Sebastian’s belly rumbled too, but it was from something else. A feeling he’d gone so long without, he’d almost forgotten its meaning. His eyes rolled. So, Paul was finally ready to make another command. Damn, he was hoping someone had disemboweled the asshole by now. He stood and righted Sorcha at the same time leaning close to her ear.

            “I have to meet with the people in charge. Get them safely out of London and then go to Paris. I’ll find you.”

            He didn’t give her a chance to ask another other questions. The growing sensation in his body meant that his boss didn’t like to be kept waiting. Sebastian couldn’t say why he’d chosen Paris. It was easy enough to get to from London, it was far enough away from London, and there was a large enough population to hide in. All of those seemed like good reasons to him and he didn’t have a lot of time to think about it before he disappeared from Sorcha’s view.

            Sebastian appeared on his knees in front of his less than happy boss. Paul was scowling, the lines etched deep into his face. Sebastian grinned in return, that made for two unhappy fuckers in the same room. Oh boy, his favorite kind of meeting.

            “Miss me, sugar pie?” Sebastian goaded.

            He was rewarded by being forced to break his own arm. The taste of blood filled his mouth from where he’d bit his tongue to keep from crying out. Sebastian stared down the demonic boss he had, waiting for the fuck to walk closer and Paul didn’t disappoint. Sebastian watched as Paul staggered back, wiping the blood off his face where Sebastian had spit at him. His own dark laughter was the last thing Sebastian heard before beginning the slow fade into the darkness as commanded.

            “Always the rebel…” Paul mumbled, the rest of the sentence lost to Sebastian’s unconsciousness.

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