Chapter 1

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Bella's P.O.V
As I walk into my daughter, Renesme's, room, all I can think about is my family, the Cullen's, moving to Denali, Alaska. I shake her awake and softly whisper into her ear, "time to wake up. it's moving day." Her eyes pop open at the word moving. She's never been any where besides Forks. I watch as she climbs out of bed, and think about the 3 years I have left with her. She's only 4 years old but since she's a hybrid she grows extremely fast. She's looks to be at least 17. She shoos me out of her room and I go so we can get a good start on our day. Emmett and Edward are already packing. Jasper is helping Alice pack up her closet. Carlisle and Esme are deciding on what furniture to bring. And I, of course, am left to tell my biological father, Charlie, the news about us leaving. I'm going to take Renesme so she can say goodbye. Even though she seems so fearless about leaving, I know she's gonna miss this place. I wait and pace the hallway for what feels like forever, when Renesme comes out of her room wearing one of Alice's fancy blouses. I ask her, "Where did you get that?" she replies, "aunt Alice gave it to me. As a moving gift. I also think she's trying to get rid of some clothes so she can fit everything in 10 suitcases." I laugh at her reply. I grab the keys to Edward's Volvo and walk out of the door with Renesme trailing behind me. We drive to Charlie's in silence knowing this will be the last time we will see him in a long time. Maybe even forever. I try not to think about that. I try not to think about when Charlie's dead. About the time when I won't have my father. Sure I'll always have Carlisle, but it will never be the same. I pull into the drive way dreading the moment when I will have to get out.

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