Chapter 20

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When I hear the news, everyone is running back to the house. We all put on more appropriate clothes for the battle. We had hunted earlier today so we were already at our strong point. As everyone is heading out of the door I yank on my leather jacket. We follow Alice, who knows exactly where the battle will take place.

The wolves sit in the tree line while we stand alone in the clearing.

I stay in Edward's arms right until the last second.

Once I see the black cloaks approaching the clearing, we pull apart and I push my shield out. I will protect my family at all costs.

When they arrive they pull their hoods back. Carlisle speaks first.

"Hello, Aro."

"Hello, my old friend Carlisle." Aro says in reply.

Aro looks straight at Edward and I and says,

"What have you done this time?"

"Nothing. We made a new friend, that's all." Edward says calmly.

"A child of the moon as your friend?! You're enemies not friends!" Caius says angrily to him.

"Just because you don't like them doesn't mean we can't be friends with them. They are very nice people." I say in defense.

"It's not about their kindness. It's about protecting our secret. If they phased in front of humans, they could expose us." Caius retorts.

"They know better than to do that. They know when they're going to phase. They hide so they don't. A child of the moon only phases when moonlight touches them." I say trying to keep my voice even.

"Yes, but what if they couldn't hide. They would phase and that could expose us." Caius says.

"They know when the change will occur. They know when to hide." Edward says plainly.

"Bring the wolves here, please." Aro says bored.

Lillian and Maryse start to walk forward. Edward and Jacob go with them.

Aro takes Lillian's hand first then Maryse's.

"I do believe that you won't phase in front of mortals, but, you have phased in front of the Cullen's." Aro says when he drops their hands.

"We tried to hide but Bella dropped Lillian off at our house and it would've seemed rude to force her to leave so abruptly. When we did phase we were so scared they woul tell everyone, but once Bella threw Lillian across the yard I knew she wasn't a human." Maryse says in defense.

Aro nods his head as he thinks.

Edward and Jacob walk back. Leaving Maryse and Lillian alone. Edward returns to my side and takes my hand.

"Please bring the informers forward." Aro says plainly.

Someone was spying on us.

Stephan and Vladimir appear when the Volturi crowd separates.
Stephan and Vladimir. They're the ones who told the Volturi?

Of course they would. They want revenge on us, because we didn't go after the Volturi.

Aro thanks them and then turns back to Lillian and Maryse.

"We understand that you aren't a threat. But, we must exterminate you. Your race is not safe. You will end up creating more and more of your kind to bring yourselves out of extinction." Aro muses.

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