Chapter 3

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When me and Renesme get back home, Edward's arms are already there to embrace me. He asks if I'm ok and I say I'm fine because I hate it when he worries. All that's left to pack is Carlisle's medical equipment. It's takes all of 10 minutes to put it in the moving truck. Emmett, Carlisle, and jasper are driving the moving trucks. Esme, me, alice, Renesme, and Edward are taking the cars. We're leaving some of them behind but we'll come back for them. We all get into the cars, waiting for Carlisle to lead the way.
We are just arriving at the Denali house when I spot the 2 blonde heads peeking out from behind the wooden door frame. I took my red Ferrari, so Jacob is riding with me. He's tried to keep a conversation up the whole way here, but he gave up an hour ago. When I get out I go straight to Edward. He embraces me and we kiss for at least 3 minutes when were forced to stop because everyone else is already walking in the door. We run at vampire speed to the door, clutching each others hands. As we walk in I really get a feel for them. They have bear, deer, and rabbit skins almost everywhere. Their house has a warm feeling to it. It's beutiful. It's a five minute human walk to our house. Esme, Carlisle, and Emmett have been coming and going, from Forks to here in the last few weeks, building the house. After We all hug and greet each other, my family and I, go to see our new house. When we arive it's breathtaking. Five stories and a basement that could double as another house. The first floor will be the living room, kitchen and 1 bathroom. The second floor is Emmett's and Rosalie's. The third floor is Carlisle and Esme's. The fourth floor is Alice and Jasper's. And the 5th floor is Edward, Renesme's and mine. All floors have three bathrooms. Each floor is basically one house. The basement will be Carlisle's medical area, and Jacob's room. I thought this new house would be like the old one, but I guess I was wrong. It's better. It's amazing.

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