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Chapter 16

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The ride back to Denali is silent. After I revealed what happened, no had spoken besides to tell Emily we were leaving. The drive back is painful. Lillian didn't tell me what happened. What could have happened to him?

When we get to the house Lillian's car is in the driveway. We walk in silently. I go over to Lillian and put my hand on her shoulder. I know the pain she going through. I then ask her, "what happened?"
"I don't know exactly, but when my mom and I walked into the garden, I saw his body just laying there. He wasn't drained of blood, but he was bitten until he died. Bitten by vampires. I also found this note laying next to him." She replies. She hands me the note and I read it. In a familiar script, the words "I know what you are. Beware." Are printed In a bold, black ink. I hold onto the note, knowing it might help us figure out who did this. Jacob stayed behind to convince Sam. After a while of silence, a thought hits me. I excuse myself and go up to Edward and I's room. I pull out the box that holds the diamond necklace that the Volturi gave me. I pull out the note and compare it to the one Lillian gave me. The exact same hand writing is on both. I run downstairs in a flash and blurt out, "the Volturi killed him." Everyone stares at me as if I have lost my mind. I show them the notes and they seemed shocked. We should've expected this. Lillian seems enraged by the thought of the Volturi killing her father. We all collaborate on what we should do. In the end we decide to guard Lillian and her mother at all times and to get the wolf pack to come here for a while. Edward, Renesmee, and I are in charge of getting the wolfs and to bring Jacob back. We get into Volvo and speed off. Edward drives knowing my thoughts would be distracting me the whole time.

In less than three hours we reach the Quilliute tribe. Jacob is running with the pack. Emily said they would be back in less than an hour. Edward then suggests that Renesmee, him, and I should take a walk along the beach. I agree and we tell Emily that we'll be down on the beach. I'm glad that forks isn't sunny, because if it was we would be sparkling like crazy. As we walk down the sandy shore I spot a familiar van. Tyler had the same one. Could my old friends actually be here? I try not to pay attention to it. We continue walking until I spot a girl with familiar brown hair. It's Jessica. Then I see Angela. It's been four years since I've talked to them. Edward notices me tense and he reassures me by tracing circles on the back of my hand. As we walk they spot us and run up to us. They seem to be speechless at how I look. Jessica speaks, "Bella! Edward! Where have you guys been?" I then smile and say, "we moved to Alaska. We came down to visit my father and Jacob wanted to visit his friends from the tribe." After I say this she notices Renesmee and asks, "who's this?"
"That's Renesmee. We adopted her when she was a baby. She has a disease that makes her grow faster than the average child." I say, knowing I couldn't have said she was our niece. It would've been too obvious we were lying.
"Wow. Nice to meet you Renesmee." Says Angela.
"Nice to meet you too." Renesmee replies. She shy. She won't say much.
Edward and Renesmee continue walking and I stay behind with Jess and Angela. The first thing Jessica says to me after Edward leaves is, "You look amazing Bella." Angela nods her head in agreement.
"Thanks. A little while after the honeymoon, Alice gave me a serious make over. And a new wardrobe." I say plainly. That's totally an understatement. Like Max, J Jenks assistant, said 'she looks like a freaking supermodel.' The thing was that I did look like a supermodel. It would be wrong to downplay my looks. We make small talk for a while. Angela and Ben are engaged. Jessica and mike are getting to that point. I still think that they assume Renesmee is our child. I hate lying to them. After a few minutes I got lost in my train of thought and Jessica looks at me and asks, "Bella? Are you okay?"
"Yeah. There's just something on my mind." I say, trying to be inconspicuous.
"What is it?" Angela asks.
"Just some family issues." I say normally. Angela smiles sympathetically. Mike and Ben come up to me and say hi. Just then Edward and Renesmee walk up. Edward takes my face in his hands and kisses me softly, knowing that if he did it any harder it would evolve into something else. When we pull apart giggling, Edward wraps his arm around my waist. Mike's face contorts. He still hasn't gotten over us being together. Even though he has Jessica. We all talk a little longer, but we stop when Jacob runs in through the small clearing. He goes straight to Renesmee and kisses her forehead. Edward lets out a low growl. Mike then realizes Renesmee. He looks from me to Edward and then back to me. He looks scared and horrified. He doesn't speak though.
"Im sorry. We have to go now." I say to my friends. "We should do this again sometime."
We all say goodbye and we walk back to the Volvo. Once we're on the highway Jacob speaks.
"Why did you have to rush me out?"
"Lillian's father is dead. He was killed by the Volturi. We're setting up a protection program to keep her safe. Did Sam say yes?" I reply.
He seems a little stunned. "Sam said yes." Edward then looks at me with a small smile on his face. I return the smile as he reaches over and grabs my hand. The rest of the ride is silent.

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