Chapter 13

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I look over at the clock hoping it doesn't say the time I'm dreading. 7:00 a.m. It's Monday. We have school. I pull out of Edwards arms and and walk over to the huge closet Alice put in our room. I change into a figure hugging, black sweater dress and a pair of matching black tights. I head into the bathroom while Edward changes. I run a brush through my hair and make sure my outfit looks okay. Then I head over to Renesmee's room. I lightly shake her and her eyes flutter open. "Good morning." I say in a whisper. Once I know she's up I go back into Edward and I's room. I shove all of my books into a book bag and wait for Edward to come out. When he comes out his hair is damp and he's smirking.
"What's up with the smirk?" I say before he runs at me and kisses me. I kiss him back as he starts laughing. I playfully punch him in the arm for his childishness. We keep kissing until I hear Renesmee call, "mom! Dad! Time to go!" Edward grabs his bag and we run downstairs. Edward and I get into the Volvo and Jacob and Renesmee follow. Alice and Rosalie take the convertible. Emmett and jasper take the jeep. The ride to school is extremely short because Edward drives 100mph. When we get to school, we all get out and the stares begin. I see Edwards face contort for less than 2 seconds, but it was there. I walk over to him and grab his face and kiss him. He's startled but catches on quick. We kiss in front of the car waiting for the bell to ring. When it does we pull apart reluctantly and walk hand in hand to class. I we walk I lift my shield and think,"did that stop those thoughts?" He gives an almost imperceptible nod. We walk into algebra and begin our boring day at school. Time moves slowly. By the time school is over I'm so happy. Edward and I wait for Jacob and Renesmee by the Volvo. While we wait, a senior comes up to me and starts flirting. After he takes one step closer Edward is already in front of him, pushing him back. The kid stands there floundering as Edward threatens him. "You will leave her alone," he growls, "She's my girlfriend." I grab Edward's arm before he does anything to drastic. At that moment one of the teachers comes out and sees the "fight".
"Mr.Cullen and Mr.Thompson! Inside, now! You to Ms.Cullen!" I follow him in silently, trailing behind Edward. He is leads into a room where Edward explains what happened. When Edward finishes, the teacher says, "I understand. Mr.Thompson don't talk to girls if you don't know their social status. Mr.Cullen do not try to attack men who hit on your girlfriend. As for you Ms.Cullen, good job trying to stop your boyfriend. Detention. All of you. Tomorrow." With that we leave. Edward and I walk silently to the Volvo where Jacob and Renesmee are waiting. "What happened?" Renesmee asks.
"We'll explain later." I say normally. We all get into the car and Edward starts the engine. The ride home is silent. When Edward pulls in, I hear Carlisle in his office talking to someone on the phone. It's probably that teacher. We walk inside where everyone is waiting. Here it comes. Carlisle walks out and says, "Would you like to explain yourselves?" I was right. It was that teacher. Edward retells the story about how we now have detention. Rosalie is not to pleased to hear this. "Why would you threaten someone like that?!" She says angrily.
"I had to!" Edward shouts at her. "He was thinking horrible, repulsive thoughts, towards Bella." I put a hand on his shoulder trying to calm him. After a minute he regains his normal attitude. Carlisle dismisses us and Edward and decide to go hunting. Once we exit the door, we're running at full force. As we run, I let the trees engulf me.

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