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Will You Ever Love Me? (a Twilight fanfiction) by katelynmcook
Will You Ever Love Me? (a Twilight...by katelyn
Bella has lived with the Volturi for centuries on end, and she hates it. She hates how demanding everyone is towards her, her and Jane hate each other to no end, and Ale...
  • vampire
  • love
  • romance
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Twilight - Jasper's Sister  by rrubyjjane
Twilight - Jasper's Sister by rrubyjjane
What would happen if Bella was Jasper's sister? Bella Whitlock is Jasper Whitlock's little sister. They were born one year apart and were very close growing up. When J...
  • whitlock
  • bellward
  • bella
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Robert & Kristen by DeanneWrites
Robert & Kristenby deanne
robsten oneshots #robstenisunbroken
  • eclipse
  • love
  • cute
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I'm Famous Now (on hold)  by AutumnBaine
I'm Famous Now (on hold) by Autumn
After Edward leaves Bella in NM he doesn't come back. She spent time depressed and hoping he'd return. After she graduates she starts singing in small restaurants and cl...
  • salvatore
  • bella
  • bellward
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Avenger (Twilight/Harry Potter Crossover) - Book 2 by AlbusAshryver
Avenger (Twilight/Harry Potter Cro...by AlbusAshryver
Harry, Ron, Hermione and Lexi are plunged into more adventures that test their limits, including the Chamber of Secrets and petrified students. On top of that, Lexi's un...
  • potter
  • twilight
  • avenger
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A Midsummer's Twilight (a Twilight Fanfic) by brownie_ouat
A Midsummer's Twilight (a Twilight...by brownie_ouat
My idea for this fanfic came from the play written by William Shakespeare, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream. Here is an excerpt: I laid down on the forest ground. It was odd...
  • lovestory
  • edwardanthonymasencullen
  • cullenclan
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OTP Oneshots by _nostalgics_
OTP Oneshotsby Nat
Oneshots of my OTPS. Feel free to request any of your ships, but I might not know them. Can I just say, Jace Herondale. I own none of these characters. All rights go...
  • fluff
  • woflet
  • cresswell
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Need you Always by sosolong12
Need you Alwaysby sosolong12
After Alice's false vision of Edward going to the Voltouri, Everyone comes home. Except Bella. She can't help but think he's moved on, found another human to love. So wh...
  • bellasswan
  • bellward
  • edwardcullen
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Working Together *Robsten Fanfiction* by dunwithjesse
Working Together *Robsten Fanficti...by dunwithjesse
"Look okay, we're just friends. It would be weird if we dating considering that Rob and I are still working on the movie" Kristen tried explaining to Ashley. A...
  • bellward
  • robsten
  • twilight
Dear Bella by viyax17
Dear Bellaby Vivian
Bella is a unique vampire and has many amazing powers. She is a vampire and moves into Forks by herself in hopes of a normal life. She stumbled upon the Cullen Clan and...
  • twilightfanfic
  • twilight
  • bellward
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Fandom high by DanielandPhil
Fandom highby >••<
This is a fanfiction on my favorite Four movies TFIOS, Divergent, Twilight, and THG. I do not own any of these characters. Well, enjoy. From the Fault In Our Stars I wil...
  • fourtris
  • tfios
  • fanfiction
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18     ~Renesmee Cullen~ by fandombanta
18 ~Renesmee Cullen~by s <3
Tangled in the only world she's ever known; the supernatural, Renesmee Cullen reaches the eternal age of eighteen, and everything starts to change.
  • janesmee
  • fanfiction
  • renesmeecullen
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The 2 Species Of Vampires  (Vampire Diaries/Twilight Crossover) by 4DirectionCO
The 2 Species Of Vampires (Vampir...by ello
The 2 Species of Vampires we all love clash bump into each other. The Cullen Clan was moving to their new home in Mystic Falls so nobody would notice they weren't growin...
  • vampire
  • stelena
  • bellward
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The Winter I Fell by callmecarbonflame
The Winter I Fellby Rebecca
  • bellward
  • twilight
Bellward by BlazingLava
Bellwardby BlazingLava
  • bellaswan
  • bella
  • bellward
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If Only by elizabethkestel
If Onlyby elizabethkestel
What would have happened if Bella Swan would have been born in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois, and met Edward Masen in 1918? Find out in this story!
  • 100yearsago
  • twilight
  • fanfiction
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Bella's Reconnection by Twilight1918Forever
Bella's Reconnectionby Twilight1918Forever
Read 1st chapter for description. It was too long sorry...ENJOY!
  • jasper
  • vampire
  • esme
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After forks ON HOLD by IssyRob
After forks ON HOLDby Issy Roberts
What happened to all of Bella's high school friends after high school? Did Angela and Ben stay together? What happened to mike? And Jessica? Do they ever meet again? And...
  • story
  • work
  • bellward
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