Chapter 10

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By the end of the trip, Alice and Rosalie did most of the shopping. Lillian and I walked around the mall waiting for them to finish. Lillian is really likable. And I'm really not. But we have kept up a good conversation. She told me her parents, Robert and Maryse Greene, owned a small plant nursery a few miles behind their house. That's so different to what Carlisle and Esme do. Carlisle is a doctor and Esme has enough to do by taking care of us. After walking around for two hours, Alice and Rosalie have bought enough clothes to open a mall. I'm glad we took Edward's Volvo and not my Ferrari. I drive with Lillian in the passenger seat and Rosalie and Alice sit I the back obsessing over these shoes that they bought. I tried not to listen, but with the super hearing it's kinda hard. When we pull into the drive way Edward is waiting there. I lift my shield and tell him how it went. He laughed when I said that Alice and Rosalie might sacrifice themselves for shoes. Me and Lillian help them unload all the stuff they bought. When we finish Esme is walking into Alice's room and sees Lillian. She says in her beautiful voice, "hello. I'm Esme. I'm their adoptive mother." Lillian smiles at Esme. "I'm Lillian. I'm their friend." Esme and Lilian keep a quiet conversation while I try and organize where all of Alice's shoes go. After Esme leaves I speak. "Lillian would you like me to take you home?" She responds, "that'd be great." We get back into Edward's Volvo and she gives me an address. Her house is basically in the forest. But considering her parents own a plant nursery the forests help. For a human who doesn't know the woods this would be extremely complicating. But for a vampire that hunts in these woods this couldn't be easier. When I pull into her house, Lillian invites me in. I go in not expecting to stay much longer than thirty minutes. From the outside her house looks pretty normal, but the inside is breathtaking. Wooden walls, flowers and every type of plants bursting from flowers pots, velvet chairs, love seats, and couches spread throughout the room. Lillian takes me outside to her parents nursery. I trail behind her as we are engulfed in flowering plants. After about two minutes of walking, I spot a middle-aged woman with pale red hair, and a man with light brown hair, both with fair skin and green eyes. They're pulling weeds out of a bed of tulips. When they see Lillian is not alone they straighten up. The man introduces himself, "hello. I'm Robert Greene and this is my wife Maryse Greene. And you are?" I respond once he finishes. "I'm Bella Cullen. A friend of Lillian's." Maryse smiles at me. "It's so good to finally meet a friend of Lillian's. She can be very antisocial." Lillian blushes at this comment, clearly embarrassed. I respond so it doesn't get to awkward. "Don't worry mrs.Greene. Me and my adoptive siblings can be to." A surprised look crosses Mrs. Greene's face. "You're adopted? Who wouldn't want such a beautiful girl?" I smile as I reply. "My parents died in a car accident. All of my siblings parents died too. My parents, Carlisle and Esme, were very generous to adopt us all." after that Lillian guides me back into the house and I follow at her heels. She brings me into a green room that has posters all over the wall and a bed in the corner. This must be her bedroom. She brings me over to a purple desk chair and gestures for me to sit. I sit as she walks over to her bed and plops down. She starts, "it feels good to have a friend I can trust." I smile and reply, "you didn't trust me? Have you had problems with trust before?" She looks down at the floor as she speaks, "yes. In 8th grade there was a boy I knew. He said he loved me and I believed him. Before winter break he left me. I was devastated. I wouldn't do anything. Then when we went back to school he taunted me. He used his beautiful new girlfriend and his friends to torture me. They said everything they knew that could hurt me." I sit there stunned. "I'm sorry Lillian. I understand what happened." She abruptly says, "how do you understand?!" I look down as I speak. "Edward once left me. It killed me. I would barely talk. I wouldn't leave my room except for school. Everyone was extremely worried about me. I had horrible nightmares and would wake my dad up all the time from my screaming. If I thought of him I would physically hold myself together as if I would shatter." She looks up with sympathy and asks, "how did you ever forgive him?" I smile as I reply. "He came back to me and he said he loved me. He didn't want to leave me. He did it for my protection. He thought that if we stayed together I would eventually break." Right at that moment a loud knock rattled the door. Lillian got up to answer it and I followed. When she opens the door a frantic Edward is waiting there. I say, "what in the world are you doing here?" He replies, "I was looking for you. I thought you would be back by now." I laugh at his over protectiveness. "You know you could've just called me right?" He looks embarrassed, so I speak, "Lillian I should be heading home now. I'll see you tommorow." She responds, "okay." She walks us out, and I realize that Edward ran here. Oh Edward. As we're walking across Lillian's yard to the car I notice that it's a full moon. Just at that moment I hear a low growl behind me. I turn around at vampire speed and see a half wolf half human form standing there. It has blonde and red fur, pointed ears, and razor sharp teeth. It's hunched over but standing on it's hind legs. Then I realize, it's Lillian. Lillian is a child of the moon. I think she senses what we are. She goes into an attack crouch and snarls. My vampire instincts kick in. I crouch down too and growl at her. And at that moment Lillian is jumping forward to attack me.

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