Chapter 14

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After a while of hunting, we decide to head back. This whole trip has been silent. When we get back to the house everyone leaves to go hunting, leaving us alone. Once everyone has dispersed, I ask Edward the question that has been on my mind since the incident at school.
"Are you still mad about what happened? It's not your fault that that an idiotic senior flirted with me." I ask him.
"No it's not that. It's that I almost attacked him. An innocent human. I know you would've held me back, but for how long?" He replies.
"You wouldn't have hurt him. You underestimate your strength. You were just protecting me. It's fine. I promise. At least you didn't actually attack him. Just ignore them. I understand the whole mind reading thing but, if I keep my shield up, do you think it would help?"
I say trying to soothe him.
"You would do that for me? It might help me not kill anyone." He responds. I smile at him and lean into him. He kisses my neck until he reaches my mouth. I pull him closer and we kiss for a while. It feels nice to have him this close to me. We were built for each other like puzzle pieces. If ones not the picture isn't complete. He completes me. That's why we've stayed together even through everything that happened. We were born to be together no matter how long it took to get there. The others don't come back so we stay in the living room. We sit together and kiss, laugh, and try to read. The last one doesn't really work out. When the others return, I tuck Renesmee in like I did when she was little. I kiss her forehead and return to Edward. We hold each other all night through the kisses.

When the clock reads 6:00 we get up. I change into fresh clothes and head to Renesmee's room. I lightly shake her and leave her to dress. Today's the day we serve detention. Detention for getting hit on. The day is long and when detention rolls around I actually consider ditching. I know If I did I would get in even more trouble so I push the thought aside. We all sit in silence for three hours as we wait for detention to be over. As we wait, the boy who hit on me yesterday tries to apologize. The teacher shushes him every time. Once the three hours are up, Edward and I leave as fast as possible. We hop into the Volvo and speed off. I'm glad Rosalie didn't ride in Emmett's jeep today, or Renesmee and Jacob wouldn't have had a ride home. When we pull in I see a small ford car parked I our drive way. We walk in wondering who it could be. That's when I see Lillian sitting on the couch talking to Renesmee.
"Hey Lillian. What are you doing here?" I ask curiously.
"I just wanted to talk to Renesmee about what I missed yesterday." She replies. I hadn't noticed she didn't go to school yesterday.
"Okay." I reply plainly, not wanting to start a full conversation after whats been going on. I walk up the stairs and get into the shower. When I finish, I pull on jeans and a shirt. My hair is still damp when I go back downstairs. Lillian has already left and the sun has already set. This day was wasted. Everyone sits I the main living room and talks for awhile until Edward grabs my hand and hoists me off the couch. He drags me up the stairs and throws me onto the bed. We kiss and cuddle all through the night. It made this day worth it.

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