Chapter 6

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We've been going to school for a week now. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be. Everyone's pretty plain here. They have their groups, enemies, lovers. We came off weird but I think people lost interest quickly. The teachers keep catching me and Edward off gaurd when we're talking. It remind me of our first time in high school together and he would always take the heat. Now I know a thing or two to help. There's not enough time in the day to enjoy being with Renesme and Edward. I think people still assume that there's something strange about Renesme. Not just because she looks like me and Edward, but because she's so quiet. Most teenage girls babble and babble but Renesme doesn't. I also think people notice Alice isn't normal either. She's gotten a few visions in school. Nothing to be concerned about. There's one thing that's weird though. I think another coven goes to our school. I'm not sure though. Every time I cross them they smell different not wolf like of human, but something sweeter. If they are vampires, just imagine the destruction they could be doing if they aren't vegetarians. They're coven is smaller than ours. I would say two to three vampires, no more no less. Maybe they're just passing through. I have to tell Edward and see if he knows anything. If there is another coven things could get weird.

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