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Chapter 11

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As Lillian's body is flying across the yard at me I pull my arm in front of me and when her fur connects with my arm I swing. She's flung into the trees surrounding us. She regains her balance and howls. Two seconds later two more wolfs appear. Edward, who was watching with a smirk, comes up next to me to help fight them off. We could've handled it on our own, but at that moment Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Renesmee, and Jacob, in wolf form, appear. I love Alice. We stand there Edward and me at the front. They know their outnumbered. They all jump at once and when I throw Lillian, Maryse and Robert get angry. They all aim for me. This couldn't be easier. Three untrained wolfs attacking a vampire who's stood against the Volturi. They lunge all at the same time. I throw all three of them into the out skirting woods. Edward is still standing there smirking. Oh god, I love him so much. This goes on for hours. When the sun appears, they are transforming back into humans. Of course there naked so we don't look while they dress in a bush. When Lillian comes out she screams, "what are you?!" I look to Edward who nods. "We're vampires." She gives us an incredulous look. She doesn't believe us. "how can you not believe me after what just happened?!" As she speaks she truly looks scared, "I do believe you it's just I didn't know vampires existed. I thought they were myths." Edward speaks next, "we thought all of the children of the moon were wiped out by the Volturi." Maryse speaks, "we are a dying race but we have never been extinct." Carlisle uses his calm speaking, "I'm sorry for what happened here. Bella is the newest member of our coven. She hasn't dealt with stuff like this except our face off with the Volturi." Robert looks shocked, "you went up against the Volturi?!" I respond, "yes. We didn't want to." Robert asks, " then why did you?" I continue,"Renesmee come here please." Renesmee walked up to stand next to me and Edward. I continued, "about three years ago,when I was a human, Edward and I had just gotten married and were on our honeymoon. By the time our fun was over I was pregnant. Pregnant with a vampire's child. Edward's child. The baby was slowly killing me. On the day she was born I died. Edward changed me. Renesme is that child. Edward and I's child." Everyone stood there in silence. Even my family stood then in pain as they remembered those very dark days. Maryse spoke first. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know." I assure her by saying, "you would never have known my past just by looking at me." Maryse smiles at me sympathetically. I return the gesture. After that we drive over to our house. Jacob calls over Seth and Leah to talk to the children of the moon. The whole way there Edward was assuring me not to worry, because I was so deep in thought that my shield came up. He heard that I was scared that Lillian wouldn't think of me the same now. I hate my shield sometimes. When we got home, Edward spoke directly to me, "Bella you did amazing fighting them off. I thought you would get hurt or something. I've never seen you be so feral. Besides when you're hunting." If vampires could blush that's exactly what I'd be doing. "Thanks it feels good to be appreciated for beating up some werewolves." After I say that Edward leans in and we kiss passionately for a few minutes, when the Greene's pull up and Lillian gets out and clears her throat. We instantly pull apart giggling. As Edward and I walk into the house hand in hand, I see Carlisle and jasper murmuring in the corner. I over hear them talking about the Greene's. Jasper thinks that it's not good the we've befriended children of the moon. Oh jasper. He's always against something different. I walk over to jasper and assure him, "Jasper, I promise nothing bad will happen. I swear on my life that that the Volturi won't come near us." Jasper gives a smile at my comment. I really shouldn't promise him anything because who knows how the Volturi gets any of their information. The Greene's are standing with Leah, Seth, and Jacob by the back door. Renesmee is sitting on the couch with Alice and Rosalie talking about clothes. Carlisle and Esme are still trying to convince jasper that the Greene's are fine. Where's Edward? As if on cue I hear a faint noise from upstairs. It's my lullaby. I speed into our room and I see him concentrating on the intricate notes he is playing. When he hears me he whirls around but doesn't stop playing. I go and stand next to him. I love watching him play. He's so concentrated and it just mesmerizes me. After a few seconds he lifts his head up and kisses me. We kiss for a few seconds while he plays but as the notes get harder and harder we break apart. I just sit there with the love of my life as he plays my lullaby, and think, this is how it should always be.

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