Chapter 17

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After the long trip back, Renesmee is asleep. She fell asleep holding Jacobs hand. Young love is beautiful, even if you don't approve of it. Edward parks the Volvo in its usual spot. I get out and open the door to the backseat. I gently shake Renesmee awake. She stretches Her arms above her head like a cat and yawns. As we walk in, I see Lillian. She is sitting on the couch talking to Carlisle. I hear there conversation instantly. He's explaining Volturi history. Why they're after her family. I look at the clock and realize that it's 1:00 am. Why is Lillian still here? I ignore it. I go upstairs to our bedroom and change my clothes. I don't need to, but it's more humane to do. I peek Renesmee's door open and ask, "can I come in?"

"Sure." she replies plainly.

I sit next to her and run my hands through her golden curls.

"Mom, your hands are really cold." She says between shivers. I get up and run into my room and grab the blanket René made for my graduation present. I was back in less than a minute. I gently pull the soft blanket over her and sit where I was.

"Is that better?" I ask as I continue to stroke her hair.

"Yeah. Where did you get this from?" She asks me curiously.

"Your grandmother made it for me as a graduation present." I say to her.

"Why haven't I ever met her?" She asks.

"You're very different from the normal child. It would be insane to see my mom with a girl that's seems to be 15 years old, when she's only 5 years old. And she looks just like your father and I and say we adopted her." I say In reply. She laughs at my explanation. Then she asks a very serious question very similar to the one she asked me a few years ago.

"Why are the Volturi coming after the Greene's?"

This question takes me by surprise.

"The Greene's aren't like Jacob. They don't have full control of their phasing and what they do when they phase. The Volturi think that they are a threat. We'll protect them. Nothing will happen."

I pause for a second.

"Get some sleep. Everything will be alright."

She pulls the blanket up to her chin and closes her eyes. I stroke her hair as she drifts into unconsciousness.


It's 8:00 am and we are all sitting in the living room enjoying our Sunday morning. Edward is playing the piano and I'm standing behind him with my hands on his shoulders. After he finishes a simple piece, he smoothly transitions into my lullaby. Even after all these years it still makes me so happy. He looks up at me and we lock our golden eyes. His beauty still mesmerizes me. I never thought that someone could have that good of looks. His bronze hair, pale skin, honey golden eyes, and full lips, make my Edward, Edward. He continues to play and I let the music take me to our meadow. The meadow I so wish we could visit. That's one of the many things I miss about forks. Our beautiful, sunny meadow. I'm brought back to reality by a sudden loud crash. My head turned towards the direction instantly, almost reflexively. My hands tighten on Edwards shoulder. Alice had a vision. I can tell by the blank look on her face. She dropped one of the pastel, hand painted tea cups that was full of blood. The dark liquid stained the light wooden floors. When Alice finally looks up, her face showed true horror.

All she could say was,

"They're coming."

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