Chapter 15

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The week flew by after that day. Since it's finally the weekend we're going to see Charlie. It's three in the morning and we'll hopefully get there by nine in the morning. Jacob and Renesmee are going too because jake is finally going to ask Sam if he would like to come to Alaska. He will probably say no because of his pack duties in forks, but we won't know until we get there. We get into the car, Edward driving, me in the passenger seat, and Renesmee and Jacob in the back. After five minutes both of them are asleep. We talk about almost everything until we hear a yawn from behind. It was Renesmee. She doesn't need as much sleep a mortal. She joins in on the conversation, and in no time we're at Charlie's house. I called him last night and told him we were coming. Edward and I go up to the door and knock. He answers in less than a minute. He hugs us both and then Renesmee and Jacob. It feels good to see him again. In probably three years, I won't be able to. We all go inside and say hi to Sue. Sue has lived with Charlie ever since I was turned. It's nice to know Charlie will have someone to look after him. Sue made breakfast and to be polite Edward and I take a few bites. After a few hours of talking we head over to the Quilliute tribe. All the wolves greet us. Apparently they were running. Jacob joins then and we decide to go and visit Emily. She was ecstatic to see us.
"How's everything been?" I ask.
"Good. Sam and I just got married." She replies.
"That's great." I say to her. She really deserves to be happy after everything that happened.
Small conversations pursue. Edward sits next to me holding me hand, and idly playing with my hair. As Emily is talking to Renesmee, I get a phone call. I pull out my phone and Lillian's number flashes across the screen I excuse myself and slip outside. I press the answer button. A frantic voice comes over the line, "Bella?! Bella?!" It says panicked.
"Lillian?! Are you there?!" I say back knowing something is wrong.
"Bella, something's happened." Lillian says.
"What?! Is someone hurt?" I say into the line.
"Yes." She replies.
When she says who, I walk inside and Edward is standing there waiting. I break the news, "Lillian's father is dead."

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