Chapter 12

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When Edward finishes my lullaby, he leans over and kisses me. As the kiss deepens, someone enters and clears their throat. Me and Edward pull apart to find Lillian standing in the doorway waiting. "Lillian. Sorry." I say embarrassed. How long has she been standing there? "It's fine Bella. I understand your complicated relationship." I smile at Lillian. "Okay. What do you need?" Lillian glances at Edward and says, "I wanted to talk to you alone." I stand up. "Okay. We'll go to the living rooms so Edward can continue playing." I lead her to the big room that we consider a living room. We both sit on the couch and she asks me her question. "Why is everyone so afraid of the Volturi?" This question shocks me. She's a child of the moon and doesn't even know about the Volturi. "Everyone's afraid of the Volturi because their very powerful. They really are only supposed to implicate vampires but they think they have power over all supernatural creatures." I think this confused Lillian. "Then why are we afraid of them if they're just controlling vampires?" I think before answering. "They're not just regular vampires. Most of them have very powerful gifts." She still is confused. "Gifts? What kind of gifts?" This is harder to explain without totally creeping her out. "Some vampires have gifts. Alice, for example, can see the future. Edward can read minds. Jasper can control moods. And I have a shield." She makes a confused face. "What's a shield?"
"My shield blocks off mental gifts. Edward can't read my mind unless I lift my shield. But Alice and jasper can use their gifts on me because they are physical. I can also project my shield, Shield someone other than myself." I think she understands a lot better now. "Then what gifts do the Volturi have?"
"They have jane and Alec. Jane can inflict pain upon someone. Alec has a mist that can take your senses. Aro, their leader, with one touch can see all of the thoughts you've had. Also our family the Denali, have gifts to. Kate can shock you and Eleazar can tell if you have a gift and what it is."
"Wow. This is so crazy."
"Don't worry. You get used to it."
Then after a minute of silence she asks,"does Renesmee have a power?"
"Yes. She does. You want to see?"
We walk downstairs and find Renesmee with Jacob. Of course. "Renesmee come here for a minute and show Lillian your gift." Renesmee walks up and places her hand on Lillian's face and shows her a memory. This must be insane for Lillian. When Renesmee finishes Lillian looks over at me and says, "she showed me when she was born. Wow." I smile not wanting to fail at my words. After a moment I suggest, "do you want to meet the Denali? I think I should tell them they're more wolves around here."
"Okay." she says uncertain. I tell Edward I'm leaving and walk downstairs making small talk with Lillian. As we walk over to the Denali house she asks, "Are the Denali actually related to you?"
"No. They're a different coven but for public reasons they're family." We arrive once I say that. I knock on the door and Carmen answers it in less than twenty seconds. "Hi Bella!" She greets. "who's this?"
"This is Lillian. She's a child of the moon." I think Carmen is shocked. She leads us inside and she tells the others about Lillian. Eleazar is the one who asks her tons of questions about her kind. After two hours of questioning, we finally leave. We walk back in silence. When we get there the Greene's are leaving. I say goodbye to Lillian and go upstairs to me and Edward's room. I change into simpler clothes and go to Renesmee's room. I knock on the door and she invites me in. "How do you feel about the Greene's?" She takes a moment and thinks. "They're nice, but I don't want any problems with the Volturi."
"I don't either, but as long as the Volturi don't find out we're safe." I reassure her. After I say that Renesmee stands up and wraps her arms around me. I gladly accept her embrace. I hold her for as long as I can until Edward comes in. We pull apart and Edward comes and takes me back to our room. "Goodnight." Edward I say before I close her door. When we get into our room, Edward and I lay on the bed and he holds me all night. It was perfect.

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