Chapter 9

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Everyone is playing their role in our plan. Edward, Renesmee, and I haven't exactly become friends with them yet, but we're trying our hardest. I already have a class with Lillian. That helps a lot. She even sits with me. She does have a small liking for me. I don't know if it's enough to figure out what they are. Right now we're heading out for school, and Renesmee is so not ready. I take her back upstairs and tell the others that we'll take my car. I brush through her curls and she asks me a question, "Why are we trying to figure what these people are?" I respond, "We're trying to figure them out because they could be a threat. It's for your safety as well as ours. Nothing bad will happen. I promise you." Once I brush the knots out she looks a lot better. I also go and get one of Alice's skirts to match Renesmee's shirt. Once she looks beautiful, we get into the Ferrari. My Ferrari. The after car. I completely hate it. Everyone else took their cars so there's no alternative, besides Jasper's Ducati. As I'm driving Renesmee adds on to what we were talking about earlier. "You don't need to protect me. I'm strong enough on my own." I reply sympathetically, "I know your strong. I know what your capable of. But your still my daughter. It's my job to protect you." She smiles at me, "I know. That's why I don't act like normal teenage girls. I know that you only mean to help me." When we got to school I found Edward and lifted my shield. I replayed this mornings events. This kept us both in a good mood all day. At lunch jasper asked us, "so what happened to put you two in such a good mood?" I respond, "just something that happened this morning with Renesme." He understood and smiled at us. Just then Lilian comes up to us and asks if she can sit with us. Of course we let her. She starts all the talking trying to make it less awkward. She starts, "sorry I haven't formally introduced myself. I'm Lilian Greene." Edward adds on, "I'm Edward Cullen and this is my girlfriend Bella. These are our adoptive siblings. Thats Alice, Rosalie, and Renesme, our sisters. And that's Emmett, jasper, and Jacob, our brothers." I thinks she thinks we're crazy. She looks so confused. I say sympathetically, "this might be really strange. I understand that. Just don't think we're really siblings. We aren't. We're all adopted." I think she understands a little better. We all talk for the rest if lunch. By the end of lunch Alice, Rosalie, and I are going to the mall with Lillian this afternoon. I've never been excited about shopping but I think I am now. I hope this goes well for all of us.

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