Chapter 19

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When we get back to the Cullen house, everyone is still in the living room. We walk in silently and sit down. Carlisle immediately directs his attention to the Greene's and explains more about the situation. Edward and I keep our hands locked for as long as we can. We won't let go until we're safe.

As Carlisle speaks I lose my self in my thoughts. Why are we getting punished because we know them? I should be the only one punished. I'm the one that befriended Lillian. Not the others. This is completely my fault.

Amidst my thoughts, my shield lifts. Once Edward heard what I was thinking, we were both up and heading upstairs. He didn't say anything besides a mumbled 'excuse us.'

We go into our room and he sits me on his lap and asks me why I thought that it was my fault.

"It is my fault. Just like the first time." I whispered.

"It's not. Why would you think that?" He says sympathetically.

"I was the one that befriended Lillian. I'm the one who made Renesmee." I say trying to prove him wrong.

"I contributed to the second one." He corrects.

"Okay. But this time it's completely my fault. Even as a vampire I still make dumb human mistakes." I say in reply.

"No matter what creature you are, and what mistakes you make, I will still love you." He says as he kisses down my neck, trying to make me happy.

"I know. I just wish I could fix all of this." I say before our lips meet.

He kisses me slowly and passionately. When he releases me, we lock eyes and smile.

Giggling, we head downstairs.

As we enter the room, everyone is making plans for the battle. If there's even going to be a battle.

What scares me most is if I'll be able to protect my family, or will we fail and all lose our lives.

The Denali came when we were upstairs. We greet them while our hands are locked together.

Edward and I sit in silence as everyone chatters about what vampires might be willing to help.

At that moment, I hear a light tap on the door. I instantly get up and answer It.

Who I find on the other end surprises me.

Senna, and Zafrina. Our vampire friends from the Amazon. Why did they come?

At that moment my question is answered.

"We heard that the Volturi is not pleased with you. Is that true?" Zafrina asks.

"Yes," I answer. "I befriended a child of the moon and her family. Word must spread fast. We just found out, too." I reply to the wild woman.

I invite them in and Zafrina and Renesmee start a conversation instantly. Words circulate around me but I don't pay attention at all. It's pointless. All that's happening is training plans.

I wish vampires could sleep. If I could right now, I would have an excuse to disappear for a while.

At that second, without thinking I stand up and run into my room. I lock the door behind me. That won't stop anyone. I drag the chest that holds Renesmee's baby pictures in front of the door.

This gives me ten minutes to pull myself together.


It's been more than an hour and no one has come looking for me. Carlisle probably stopped Edward from coming after me. I've been sitting near the far wall of the closet thinking. Thinking about our consequences. Thinking about Renesmee's safety. While I think, my mind draws me back to a certain memory. The fire and pain of being turned. I never gave it much thought after it happened, because I knew it would hurt Edward. The clearest memories I have of it was feeling like I was tied to stake, being burned alive. I couldn't scream, thrash, tell anyone to stop the fire and to kill me. There was so much morphine In my system, that I couldn't feel any part of my body. All I could feel was the burning. My thoughts continue to spin in my head. Eventually, I hear a light tap on the door. I stand up and straighten myself. I push my hair out my face and pull the trunk away from the door. I timidly open the door.

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