Chapter 5

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The last 2 days went by to fast. Its Monday and I'm not ready to start school. I go and wake up Renesme who's scared to. We all get ready In 45 minutes and are out the door by 7:00. Class doesn't start until 7:30 but we left early so we can get good parking spots. We took the Volvo and the jeep. Jacob is also starting school today. He road in the Volvo with Renesme, Edward, and I. When we get to school people are already staring. That was before we got out of the car. When we get out everyone is staring. I wonder if this always happens? I stand right at Edward's side as long as I can. People look at us the most. Not because of how we look, not because all of us have the same striking features, but because of Renesme. They look from her to us. I hear all of the whispers. It ranges from, "are they her parents?" to, "what a gene pool!" I wish they knew we could hear what they say. We go to get our schedules and I find that me Edward have all the same classes. That's perfect. I won't have to be separated from the love my my life. Renesme has the same schedule as Jacob. I have algebra first. Then reading, p.e, science, lunch, language arts, and last biology. I end my day in the class that Edward and I met in. At the end of the day, I realize high school isn't that bad. I already know every thing from my first time through school. Things are going to get a lot better.

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