Chapter 2

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I get out of the car full of fear. Renesme is right on my heels as I knock on the door. Charlie invites us in, and we go willingly. I tell him to sit and a familiar expression plays across his face. It's the one he used when I told him about me and Edward's wedding. Charlie sits and he asks me what's going on and if everything is ok. I assure him by saying, " Dad everything's fine. I just need to tell you something important." He asks in reply, "OK, what is it?" This is what I have been dreading for weeks. I go and blurt out, "we're moving.". It takes a moment for it to fully sink in. When he finally processes it, he doesn't take it well. "What! Your moving! Why? Where?" He shouts. I calmly reply, "Dad we're moving to Denali, Alaska. The Cullen's have relatives there. I promise we'll come and visit. You don't know how hard it was to tell you this. I would've told you sooner but I didn't know how." Loosing his anger, he replies in sympathy, "it's okay Bells. I'll sure miss you, but if you think this is the right choice to make I'll support you. I'll really miss you, Edward, and Renesme." Over the last 3 years, Edward and Charlie became really close. They bonded over many things like music, chess, me, and Renesme. Edward even went fishing with Charlie a few times. After lots of hugging and making promises we all can't keep, Renesme and I leave with heavy hearts.

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