Chapter 20

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The rouge was lean but muscular. He was a good fighter on their side. He was fighting one on one with Tray who was the third in command but also Blue Blood's one of the best fighters as well. They were equal in power and it was only a matter of time on who found whose weakness first.

"Alex, stay here and look after the rest of the pack. Do not let anyone through. Do not let anyone touch a single hair on them." She commanded to which Alex just nodded his head.

As Alex was guiding the women with her child in her arms, she turned around to look at Althea.

"Thank you, Luna" she said giving a small smile.

Althea didn't bother correcting her. They were never going to see her after the war anyways. So, she just nodded to the women as she turned around started to make her way inside the pack house.

Althea looked at the rouge that was fighting Tray. They were still in their human form. They both were not able to land a punch on each other. But then a dirty brown wolf came from Tray's back and slashed his back with its claw, making him scream in pain. The rouge fighting Tray took this moment to take him down.

When he was about to rip Tray's throat, Althea instantly went to them and kicked him off Tray. He was sent flying a few feet away. She looked at Tray to see if he was okay. He just nodded at her, telling her that he was fine. Then she stood in front of the rouge.

"Did you kill Noah?" Althea questioned him.

She didn't care, she was standing in the middle of war. All the pack members were fighting some in their human and some in their wolf form. Then all of a sudden Ash, Lydia and Ashton came out of nowhere and formed a barrier around them, fighting everyone to keep them off so Althea could talk to him.

"I don't know any Noah" he said. "Oh! Are you taking about a boy with blond hair, blue eyes?" he asked as if remembering something. Althea replied him with a growl.

"I remember him. Poor brat, he shouldn't have been killed. By the time I went over and took the knife out, he was dead. Poor kid, I watched his life fade in my arms." Then he shook his head and gave a small sad laugh.

Althea was fuming with rage but she still kept herself calm.

"Why?" she asked.

He stopped laughing. "Look honey, that kid must have annoyed one of the men. I heard he nearly bit the men's arm off."

"Why?" Althea asked again.

She didn't just want to know why he was killed, she wanted to know why he was kidnapped him in the first place.

"Honey, we are rouges. We do anything to be accepted in a pack. Being alone forever is not something you wish for." 

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