Chapter 15

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Alex bowed his head to her. He felt a connection with her, he felt her power, her dominance, her acceptance. For once, he felt like he belonged. He felt like he was born just to serve her. As her name Silvermoon indicated, a goddess herself.

There was a tale he used to hear from the elders in the pack when he was a kid. The moon goddess incarnated as a werewolf hundreds of years ago to fight a war between the werewolf themselves. Their hatred towards each other had grown so much that they started slaughtering the weak ones and the children to show that they were the strongest out there.

After the war where the moon goddess incarnation killed both the leaders of the pack, she united everyone again. Legend says that she disappeared after that but still walked the land even after hundreds of years.

Some even says that she lived in search of her true mate for her lifetime on the land. But never once did he hear of the goddess's daughter. It was a blessing itself to become a warrior of the goddess herself.

He didn't have a clue who she was before he pledged his life to her. But now he did. He had so many questions for her. Why was she here? Why was she pretending to be a rouge? Why-

"Easy tiger" Althea said. "I'll answer all your questions one by one." she could hear his thoughts.

Then she started walking away from his into the direction of the pack house. "I am the Alpha of the only pack in England known as the Red healer pack."

She paused for a while before she continued. "You see my parents were murdered six years ago. I want to find them and know why they did what they did. I was travelling around in search of them hence, I'm here."

Alex stopped on his track and let out a growl. That meant the moon goddess reincarnation did not live the land anymore, he thought. He was raged by the thought of Althea losing her parents, even more so of someone murdering their goddess.

Althea turned around and gave him a small smile of assurance. Alex immediately calmed.

"And about me being a rouge, long story short, I didn't want to bring unwanted attention to myself" she sighed.

"When I found that my mate belonged to this pack, the only way in was to disguise as a rouge. I thought I would leave with him once I found him. But as you can see, he can't, he won't leave. And I need to leave soon too." Althea said with some sadness in her voice.

"No matter what you decide, I'll follow you" Alex said with such confidence.

"But Althea, why don't you tell him the truth. You could figure out a way to be together, you know" Alex said softly.

"You are right. I need to tell him soon." Althea made her way to the pack house grabbing her jacket on the way.

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