Chapter 1

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6 years later

Althea waited with her two other warriors, Lyndia and Katie, in a bar in a small village somewhere North of America. Althea looked at the clock that hanged on the plastered wall on the bar. Five more minutes until her other warrior arrives with the news.

She had been looking for the pack that persuaded those rouges to attack her pack when she was eleven. She wanted to find them and know the reasons for attacking them so she could punish them accordingly. She hated them but was not going to go berserk because her mother knew her to do the right. And killing them without knowing the reason was not right. Even though they murdered her parents.

She had sent trackers to find the rouges as soon as she had a funeral for her parents and all the brave souls that died along with her parents.

About a year ago, one of the trackers, Ashton, got link on the rouge that attacked their pack. They wanted to questioned them but when they found them, they thought to take their life than to spill the truth.

As soon as she turned into a werewolf at the age of twelve, she had been actively searching for them. But still no luck.

So, she decided to come to America and leave the pack duties to her beta Ash and gamma Liam. They were one of the people she could trust with everything. But none of them could dared to cross their line. And unlike other Alphas, she didnt like to be questioned. She was known to be cruel and cold hearted; she has not smiled since the rouge attack.

The bar door opened and there came the three brothers. Tall, lean muscle and brown hair and eyes that almost looked black, Seth, walked at the front, followed by brown hair, brown eyes and muscular looking Jack right behind. Warren with similar dark brown hair and hazel brown eyes was the last to walk in. They were all very good looking and caught the attention of the ladies as they walked through the bar. But they stopped when they sat beside the three equally stunning ladies in the bar, jealousy clear in their eyes.

Spill Althea mind linked as they made their way to the table where Althea, Lydia and Katie were sitting. Her look deadly. They had made sure there were no other werewolves before they got in the bar, making them the only ones in the bar but they still couldnt risk being heard.

Alpha replied Warren through the mind link as he started shaking his head before bowing, suggesting that they found no clue in their search over the packs nearby. At this Althea gave a low growl but sat quiet for a moment.

Lydia, Katie she looked at the two girls, head back to the pack, tell Ash it will take some time for me to go back. If theres any news tell him to contact either Warren, Jack or Seth. You will leave tonight.

Then she turned to the three boys, You three head further north, see if you find any clues-

Alpha we cant leave you alone- Jack interrupted making Althea furious. Her almost black eye turned dangerously black, stern face and a low growl escaped her lips.

Never-Ever-Interrupt-Me-AGAIN! she sent a chill down his body with unspoken words.

Her back bent so she was now leaning forward to where Jack was sitting with elbows on her knee fingers clasped together, knuckles turning white. They could smell dominance from her but not strong enough to put off the humans sitting around but enough for them to keep their eyes down, heads low.

If you dont find any clues even after a month, then head back home. Im going to look around a little more before I head home, with that she dismissed everyone.

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